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Have you heard of #FF?  If you aren't on Twitter, that probably looks like gibberish, or that I was swearing.... but no.... #FF is a hashtag that stands for "Follow Friday" where people recommend different Twitter accounts to follow.  I decided to do a "Blog Follow Friday" post and talk about a few of my favourite blogs.

1 - Illustrated with Crappy Pictures - If you haven't seen this blog, you need to read it!  Amber Dusick is the author (and illustrator) of this blog.  She shares her hilarious stories about life - her kids, her husband and her cats.  All illustrated with hilarious pictures.  Check it out, I'm sure you'll love it:

2 - I'm Bringing Blogging Back - If you like entertainment blogs ... you might like this... if you like trashy television and someone recapping ridiculous shows like Catfish, Real Housewives or The Hills (ok, maybe not now, but you can go back and read the old recaps for a laugh).  Patrick Varone is the author of this blog, and he is hilarious.  Sometimes crude, sometimes rude, all the time funny.  I love this blog... his Bachelor recaps got me through the last horrible season with Juan Pablo.... because, let's face it, that guy was terrible.  Check it out:

3 - Mommy Outside the Box - This blog has it all for mommies.  Fun kids activities, recipes, "Wordless Wednesday" photo posts... and, a new favourite thing of mine, a Twitter party calendar.  What's a Twitter party you ask?  If you had of asked me 3 months ago, I couldn't have told you, but since then, I've participated in several parties, and they are fun.  It's like what a chatroom used to be like back in the early 90's (for those of you that remember those)... fast moving, lots of people chatting... but with some improvements... the chats are centered around one topic... and there are PRIZES!!  I highly recommend participating in a party!  Check out the Mommy Outside the Box blog:

So those are a few "Follow Friday" blogs for you.  I'll try to share more each Friday, but for now... happy reading!!


  1. I love Crappy Pictures! My favourite post will always be the one about trying on Spanx. Hilarious!

  2. I know, so funny... there's been quite a few of her posts that have literally made me laugh out loud.


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