Big Brother 16 - Episode 13 - Recap

We begin with a little montage devoted to the Amber/Caleb ... whatever this is... fatal attraction?  Am I the only one tired of this storyline?  This guy just isn't getting that she's not in to him, and I don't think he'll ever get it.  He rants to Brittany about how Amber never even thanked him for going on the block.  Yeah, and yet, you still pursue her.

Time for the POV - Who knew that Victoria was good at anything?  I didn't because these last two episodes are seriously the most airtime she has seen.  Cody - 10 kicks in the butt everytime the bell rings.  Zach - Trip to Germany.  Britanny - 2400 goals in the next 24 hours, and if it's not completed, you can't participate in the next POV.  Nicole - Germitard (Unitard).  Caleb - $5000 and Victoria wins Power of Veto.  I know... I can't believe it.  And neither can anyone else... there were a series of "what was Caleb thinking" statements.  

Cody's raging about Caleb's choice.  Contemplating putting Caleb up, which Frankie says is a horrible idea because it would be losing a member of their alliance.

We get to see everyone's punishments.  And I have to say, Brittany's is definitely the worst.  It's pretty physical.  

Side note - Zach... STOP YELLING IN THE DIARY ROOM!!!  I have to turn down the tv everytime he's on the screen.

Donny chats with Zach and Hayden about how it would be a good week for Caleb to go home.  Donny's game talk never ends well.

More of Brittany's challenge.  The houseguests are chearing Brittany on in the end.... and when she does her final kick in the end... everyone rushes her like she won the World Cup.  It was pretty cool.

So now the decision about who the replacement nominee will be.  The two names floating are Caleb and Donny.  This will be a tricky one.  Donny and Cody chat... Cody tells him he's not going on the block.  He goes out and tells a group of houseguests he's putting Caleb up... Frankie freaks out and goes and tells Derrick.  Derrick goes to talk some "sense" in to Cody.   And it looks like he succeeded.  Despite Cody telling him he was safe, Cody nominates Donny anyway.  Way to burn bridges, Cody.

It should be interesting to see what happens tomorrow.

*Sorry to anyone who read my confusing first version when I interchangeably used the names Colby and Caleb. Being over tired is not a good thing when it comes to editing.. Haha.


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