Big Brother 16 - Recap - Episode 9

As the episode begins with a recap of the previous episode, we find out that Devin tried to do "damage control" and run around and tell everyone about the "Bomb Squad".  This leads me to think... he was so angry anytime he thought anyone betrayed the alliance... yet he was the biggest detriment to that alliance from the beginning.

No surprise, when Derrick and Nicole chat about nominations... Derrick wants to nominate people other than Devin, so they can backdoor him.  Nicole is going to nominate Amber... so Derrick mentions it to Caleb, knowing that Caleb will risk himself for Amber.  Caleb gives a little diary room talk that basically says as much... he thinks Amber will see him as a stud.  He is going to throw the competition so Amber is saved.  He tells Amber his plan.  I'm not sure she thinks he's a stud thought.

Nicole is struggling with her final nominee, and Donnie tells her to nominate Christine after she fills him in on the nomination plan.  Despite that she tells him to keep the plan quiet.  He goes and tells Jacosta and Brittany and Amber overhears it.  She runs and tells Nicole, who is now convinced she can't trust Donny.

Nicole seems pretty shaken that everyone is so mad.  Most of all, she's regretting her decision to nominate him.  Hayden tries his best to make her feel better.

Devin comes to "make amends" with Derrick... Zach and Frankie promptly got up and left the room.  I don't blame them.  I hate being around for awkward conversations.  Derrick sees through Devin's speech about respecting his game move.

#TeamAmerica's first task is to spread a rumour that someone in the house is related to a past houseguest.  Donny seems confused about this task.  Frankie on the other hand says he's "really good at spreading rumours".   They decide on telling the lie that Pao told Frankie in confidence that she believes Zach is related to Ammanda... "because they're both loud" and they're both from South Florida.

Nicole is still broken up about nominating Donny.  She cries... and asks for his forgiveness.  And he cries because she is crying.  Can this guy any more likable?  Then he makes her doubt whether she told him not to tell anybody.  

The Battle of the Block competition is "Abraca - Bob- bra".  A Harry Potter type competition. It's a puzzle competition.  Amber says she hates puzzles... and Donny loves it.    Caleb's trying hard not to win.  But, in Nicole's words "he's doing well making it look close".  Amber and Donny win, and Amber says "get over here so I can kiss you".  I'm sure Caleb was hoping he would get that kiss.

Because Nicole is no longer HOH, she "disappears" and Hayden shows his devastation at the site of her disappearance.  And we close with Zach saying "yo, did she really disappear?".

We'll find out where she went on Wednesday. :)


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