Big Brother 16 - Recap - Episode 8

We open with the fallout from the POV.... Brittany calls Paola out for throwing the competition.  Paola gets defensive and said she didn't throw the competition.  Devin confirms he asked her to, and confirms that, but says she didn't do it.  She calls Devin a liar.  Then Zach gets up and gives a big speech about how much he doesn't like Devin.

Frankie feels betrayed by Zach for "putting him on blast" when Zach said "he wasn't sure how Frankie would vote".  Um... what's so bad about that?  Anyway, Frankie's very dramatic about it... I'm just going to leave it at that.

Paola and Zach have a ridiculous argument over whether they deserve to be in the house, who's a liar... basically it was stupid.

Meanwhile, Devin decides to add a new member to the alliance without bringing the whole alliance together to talk about it first (ahem... dictatorship).  They bring Hayden in, and Devin tells him about the Bomb Squad and asks him if he wants to be a part of it.  What else are you going to do in that situation but say yes?!  Can you imagine the reaction if Hayden had said no?

As it starts to become aparent that Zach is going to stay, Frankie, for whatever reason, decides it would be a good idea to fill Devin in on this.  I still don't understand why.  I mean, Devin is nuts... giving him information like that is like throwing a can of gasoline on a fire.  Immediately, Devin denounces the Bomb Squad (might I point out, this is the second time this game he's done that), and tells Frankie he's picking everyone off one by one.  So there's your reward Frankie.

After two lengthy nominee speeches, the houseguests vote, and "Pao Pao" is voted out.  Thank goodness.  I don't think I could take another week of that girl.  Although, I will say, I did enjoy her friendship with Donny... and his "goodbye" message to her was absolutely sweet.  When Paola leaves the house, Julie asks her about whether she threw the competition.  Paola sort of sputters over her answer and says she's not sure if she threw it or not.  Huh?  Were you drunk?  Why wouldn't you know?

On to HOH, it's a sort of croket type challenge.  And the winners are..... Derrick and Nicole.  I'm kind of happy about both of those options!!

Julie tells us that the houseguests are now wearing "activity trackers" so you can log in to see how active or lazy your favourite houseguest is.  I barely do that for myself.. so I'm not sure I really care how active they are... BUT... Julie does say it will impact the game.  Suspense!

Nominees and #TeamAmerica's first challenge come Sunday night!!!

(PS - anyone else happy this episode was a little less focused on Devin?)


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