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Big Brother 16 - Recap - Episode 7

I began this episode assuming it was going to be a Devin centered episode... and I was right.

We pick up where the Battle of the Block left off, and the "Weirdo Alliance" of Hayden, Christine and Nicole celebrate coming off the block. 

Devin takes Hayden aside and decides (for whatever reason... to build a sense of partnership or something) to tell him the Devin had Paola throw the competition.  Hayden isn't convinced Paola threw it.  Neither am I.  Hayden goes back and tells Nicole about Paola "throwing the competition" and they discuss what will happen if that revelation comes out... Hayden suggests they deny being a part of it.  Ok... good strategy.  Then he suggests that he and Nicole "kiss it out".  This guy is good for comic relief.

Zach chats with Cody, Christine and Derrick about working against Devin... thank goodness!  That's the most sensible talk I've heard in a while. 

Quick shot over to the hammock... and Caleb's love-sick puppy eyes looking at Amber... he's got it bad.  He talks about wanting to "protect his queen".  *Gag*

Caleb bring up with Devin that people are interested in voting out Paola.  Devin's response is "that's stupid".  Good argument, Devin.  Were you on your high school debate team?  He immediately gets on the defensive.  Frankie is there through the argument... but stays uncomfortably silent.  Caleb mentions that the girls, in particular Christine, are nervous to talk to him.  Devin says they should go confront her.  Yeah, because that would make someone less intimidated... to confront them.

Devin heads up to his room to pace around and talk to himself.  He's nuts.  Then he goes outside to declare the alliance is over.  So, Devin says he's not a dictator, but he dictates when the alliance is over.

On a less crazy side... we find out at Derrick and Frankie are the last two members of #TeamAmerica.  Their first task is to head outside to the weight bench and bring up "apple pie" and "bald eagles" in conversation as the code for who's in the bomb squad.  Frankie and Derrick figure out quickly they are on "Team America".... then when Derrick sees Donnie's "big beautiful beard" he says he knew that was the third member.  Frankie refers to it as "Brains, beard and beauty".

Following the confrontation between Devin and Caleb, Caleb decides its time to make up.  No, Caleb, no!!  He makes the mistake of saying that "people" were talking about targeting him, so Devin decides to call another "meeting".  If you live in the Big Brother house, you know a meeting is never good.   Devin opens by saying "this isn't a dictatorship".  Ah yes, a typical statement of a dictator.

Zach decides to speak up and say that he thinks it's stupid to keep Paola... unfortunately, everyone else stays silent.  This makes Devin think everyone's on his side, except Zach... so guess who the next target is....

My favourite part is when Devin says "people think I get upset over these things, I don't get upset".  You don't?  What were we just watching??

Everyone gets ready for POV and Devin says to Paola that he will take her off the block if he wins.  The challenge involves balancing balls on a solar system type set up... but if you're off balance, it falls apart and you have to start over.

Paola is doing horrible... surprise, surprise.  Zach is just about done and he accidently knocks a bunch off.  Derrick and Devin are close... and everyone's rooting for Derrick... but unfortunately, Devin pulls it out in the end.

Brittany believes this sealed her fate, and Paola questions if Devin will keep his word.

Cut to the HOH room, and Zach tries to do some damage control, but Devin doesn't buy it, and kicks Zach out.  Zach knows he's in for it.  He tries to talk to Frankie - but Frankie tells him he was stupid for disagreeing with "the dictator".

Brittany decides to suck it up, and goes to Devin to talk... and she knows to use the "I have kids" card... because, as we all know..... Devin has a daughter.  He's in to it.  You can tell he's feeling it.

When he goes to the Veto meeting.... when they get a chance to do their speeches.  Paola decides to take the time to do some model posing(?) and Brittany makes a heartfelt speech.  Devin decides to "go against his alliance" and break his promise to Paola.... and removes Brittany from the block.  He replaces her with Zach.  *shocker* (not)  They stop with Brittany saying "can I say something" and they leave us hanging by the announcer saying "all hell breaks loose post veto ceremony".  Can't wait for tomorrow.  :)

And by the way.... can someone put an end to the Devin show?


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