Big Brother 16 - Recap - Episode 6 "All About Devin"

I call this episode "All About Devin" because it really is.  There's a running joke among a lot of people that watch the live feeds about how often Devin finds an opportunity to mention he has a daughter. I dare you to count how many times he brings it up this episode.

So we started with the HOH's reading their letters....and of course, a picture of Devin's daughter.  When Amber reads her letter, she cries...and so does Caleb. Seriously Caleb... she's just not that in to you.

Devin, for some weird reason, decides to come clean, with not only Donny, but the whole house, about how he was the mastermind of the plot to get Donny out last week.  The problem with his plan? The HOH's last week claimed they nominated who they did because of when they fell during the competition. Brittany recognizes this right away and mentions it to Frankie.  So the bomb squad has a "debrief" after Devin's house meeting and they find the nicest way possible to say " what the hell was that?"  Devin takes offence to Brittany "misconstruing" what he said.  Um, he said he was the reason Donny was targetted, what did she get wrong in that?

We got a glimpse of the Zach/Frankie "shownance". Zach says he's straight but thinks Frankie is awesome. They cuddle together and hang out a lot.  I really don't like Zach much... but this is the one likeable thing I've seen from him.

We also find out that Danielle, Hayden and Christine have a mini alliance... not much more notable about that.

Nominees this week are Hayden, Danielle, Brittany and Paola.  Devin asks Paola to throw the comp and also assures everyone safety but Brittany, who he says is his target.

On to the Battle of the Block.  Was anyone else not totally convinced that Paola was intentionally throwing the competition?  Houseguests had to look at a series of pictures and answer questions.  If you got it wrong, there were punishments, like drinking weird concoctions or dunking your head in a toilet (both of which Hayden had to do). In the end, Danielle and Hayden win, taking themselves off the block.

Side note on this episode.... Devin was upset that people were not cleaning up after themselves.  Devin drives me nuts, but I do hope he keeps the house from becoming the disgusting mess it was last year.

We'll find out who wins POV on Wednesday!


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