Big Brother 16 - Recap - Episode 5

So, what was Joey doing in the background when Julie was doing the opening intro?  Kinda looked like a combo of dancing and maybe rapping/singing.
Anyway, so a few back and forth shots of Joey and Paola wondering if they’re going to be evicted or not.  Devin has also decided it’s a good strategy to pressure everyone in to voting unanimously.  This guy is an idiot.  Please get him out soon Houseguests.

Joey tries to plead to Zach to keep her.   He tells her that Cody and Devin are running the house and controlling the vote and there’s nothing he can do.  Ugh, this guy… I can’t even….

SO Joey decides to switch to her “alter ego Alex” and basically yell about keeping her in the house.  Weird strategy Joey/Alex.  Pretty much everyone thinks she’s crazy but “makes a good point”.  Paola thinks that “Alex” coming around is good for her chances of staying in the house.  I tend to agree.  Boo.

Next we get a montage of Caleb talking about how much he likes Amber.  *yawn*  I love that Frankie refers to it as an 8th grade crush.  “Do you want me to pass her a note later?”  haha

Caleb decides to talk to Amber about his feelings… and he says that he notices her looking at him a lot.   Then it gets a whole lot of awkward.  She obviously is not in to him.  So they awkwardly sit for a minute and she leaves him to wonder if he “pushed her away”.

So we get to see the houseguests listen two Joey and Paola give their “keep me please speeches”.  Joey says that she’s physically and mentally stronger than Paola.  Paola thanks Joey for saying she sucks but she hopes that the houseguests keep her despite her suckiness (yes, I know that isn’t a real word, but it works here).

Then the votes.  As I watch everyone voting… and Zach comes in to the room to vote, I’m brought back to when a few former houseguests let their hair grow out of control, until it looks weird in the “spiked” style ( ie – Dan, Dr. Will… that is the last time I will compare Zach to either of those two).    He has not been in there very long, what’s with his hair.  Unfortunately, Joey is unanimously evicted.

Why is Paola crying?

Joey says she is surprised by the unanimous vote.

Goodbye message – Caleb “drops the bomb” about the bomb squad.  She says he’s an idiot.

Next we have HOH.  This challenge is a “frat house” challenge.  It’s organized with girls first, then boys.  They have to carry kegs across a balance beam without falling while the houseguests that aren’t competing throw Frisbees at them.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I found this challenge boring.    Amber wins the first one.  Controversy with the boys though… it looks like Cody one, but there is a video review. 

Before we find out the results, we learn that Donny is the next member of Team America.  Too bad his teammate was just voted out.

Turns out, Cody “fouled” and is disqualified, making Devin HOH.  Seriously?  That guy?  Ugh.  This week is going to be terrible.

We’ll learn the nominees and results of the Battle of the Block on Sunday.  Or you can read the spoilers like me.  Haha!


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