Big Brother 16 - Recap - Episode 17 - Newsflash, Amber doesn't like Caleb "that way"

Amber is trying to badger Frankie about why she's on the block.  He tries to play dumb and makes it look like Caleb was the reason she's up.  Amber's mad and goes to confront him... and he doesn't deny it.  He says he did it because it's "about trust".  She lets him know she's mad.  Now he's feeling it was a mistake, so he creepily stares at her while she's in the back yard.  He apologizes to her and throws his entire alliance under the bus.

Caleb goes to talk to Frankie and says "Amber doesn't deserve to be on the block".  He's feeling guilty.  And he cries.  Geez.... this guy has it bad.  It's actually a little scary.

So, Cody decides to ask Amber if she likes Caleb... and Amber starts crying.  She tells Christine she doesn't like him "like that" and he's ruining her game.  And like Christine always does... she runs and tells the Alliance, and Frankie plots his way to tell Caleb about this.

So Caleb comes to plead Amber's case... and Frankie drops the bomb.  Caleb, of course, freaks out and wants to go confront her.  He pulls his hood up over his head... looking like Eminem in 8 mile... or a serial killer... take your pick.

Julie checks in with the houseguests and brings up Zach's outbursts.  He tells Julie he hates everyone.  He's trying too hard to be Dr. Will.

Team America needs to vote against the rest of the house and accuse two others of doing it.  Wow America... brutal.  Donny is practical and says they need to decline the challenge because it would hurt their game...and so out of character.

So when the vote starts... Donny votes with the house... he apologizes to America.  AND Amber goes home.  Bye bye.  She didn't even get a vote from her boy toy.

Amber is the first person I've seen resist hugs... she just blew kisses and said she wasn't going to say anything about anyone's game.

Amber says she feels betrayed by Caleb, but believe his vote was personal, and she says she just wasn't willing to pretend she was in to him.

Julie mentions the flirting between Cody and Amber... she says she does feel betrayed by him.  She uses the "we're like brother and sister" line... right.

Goodbye messages..... Caleb refers to himself as King of the house (what?), and Donny makes Amber cry.

Amber says she thinks Donny is running the house.

The houseguests find the memory wall was replaced with HOH video loops.  Everyone realizes that this must be related to the HOH competition.  So now they have to answer questions about the loops.  Zach, Nicole, Caleb, Donny and Hayden are left in the game when Julie says they've run out of time in the live broadcast.  What?!  Too be continued?  I can't take the suspense.  :)


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