Big Brother 16 - Recap - Episode 16

Plan is still on to try to backdoor Amber.  And Christine and Nicole celebrate their victory and that Zach is not the HOH anymore.  Aaaaand... cue Victoria crying.  Ugh.  She blames Jocasta for the loss.  I watched the challenge... I would beg to differ... I would blame Victoria.  But who am I?

Zach decides he's going to poke a sleeping bear.... and by that I mean taunt the have-nots by eating food in front of them.  Ok, that's just cruel.  Who wants to be in an alliance with this nut job?  Does Zach not remember that things could be turned around next week and he could be nominated?  How are you going to get any votes to stay if you're mean to people all the time?!  Cody and Frankie say that he has turned in to Devin.  I would tend to agree.  Frankie tries to talk sense in to Zach and tells him to calm the frig down... and "have a nice week".  Good try.  His plan is to keep him bottled up until the POV.... so Team America wins their challenge.

Nicole prepares to strip out of the Germitard.  She does a little strip tease.  Hilarious.

Hayden decides he wants Victoria on their side.  So he talks Victoria in to picking him at the Veto.  Nicole gets a little jealous thinking they were close to kissing.  Nicole says in the diary room that she doesn't like Victoria around Hayden.

Frankie had some bad news last week with the passing of his grandfather.  Derrick gets news this week that HIS grandfather passed away.  He talks about how hard it is being away from his family.  This is where Big Brother really is challenging.  Situations like this are so hard to be away from family.

Amber and Caleb in the kitchen.  He talks about how great their date was (um.. it was?)  and now she's ignoring him, and he doesn't get it.  He says he doesn't care anymore (and we get a montage of how many times he's said it).  Funny Caleb, we don't really believe you.  Caleb says he's back in beastmode.

Then over to the "bromance".  Zach and Frankie.  Zach says if he was gay that Frankie would be his guy.  Aw.

Veto competition.  Players are Frankie, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny, Hayden, and Christine.

Caleb pouts again over Amber, and says, for about the 10th time this episode, "the romantic cowboy is gone".  I don't even know what to say about this anymore.

POV - Country theme.

Caleb's still talking about Beast mode cowboy.  Ok... sit down "Beast".

They have to gallop on horses then balance gold bars.  Whatever.  

Winner - Hayden.  He's pumped.

Detonators ask Hayden what he's going to do.  He says he's going to use the POV on Victoria to gain an ally, and he's loving the "backdoor Amber" plan.  Next, they want to "sell" the plan to Caleb.  And now, because of the "showmance that never was" (as Zach put it) is over (?) it's now seriously awkward when they're in the same room.  Zach decides to stir things up.  Goes to Caleb and says that Amber came out and says she was using him.  Caleb says he's going to "give her a big scare and get her back in line".  Caleb is on board with nominating her.  He goes and talks to Frankie... says he wants to nominate her.  How sweet... he thinks it's his idea.  He says that he runs the house.   And he says "at the end of the day, I know who she's going to come to".  Yikes.

Back to Team America.... they're plotting the nomination fall out.  So, they want Zach to "go off" on Amber.  Donny's excited for the entertainment and he tells America to "enjoy the show".  How can you not love that guy.

On to POV ceremony.  The nominees give their speeches.  Ultimately, Hayden saves Victoria.   Amber seems surprised.... but not as much as she is when Frankie nominates her.   Although she's sure it was a plan all along.  And Zach attack!!  He says how happy he is she's nominated, and he talks about how wonderful Beast Mode Cowboy is to her.    He keeps pushing... even asks her for a response, and she remains silent.

Sorry Team America.  Fail.

Jocasta is feeling pretty safe after that speech.

Yay for eviction night tomorrow!


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