Big Brother 16 - Recap - Episode 15

So we start with lots of game talk.  Zach is definitely targeting Amber.  He doesn't want Amber coming after him.    He talks to Caleb about it.. and of course, he wants to save her.  He decides to test her loyalty.  He runs and chats with her and of course tells her that Zach has heard that Amber is going after Zach.  Amber wants to know who said it.  I was surprised Caleb didn't tell her.

Zach and Frankie show their HOH.  There are pictures of Frankie's Grampy.  It's all fun and games for those few minutes, then back to game talk.  Zach wants to nominate Christine and Amber, then Zach wants Christine to throw the Battle of the Block.  Of course, she's not receptive.  Zach is frustrated about it.

So, everyone's eating pickles, and Caleb hates pickles.  Amber says, "If I said I would go on a date with you, would you eat it", and of course, he forces himself to eat it.  He's gaging, but forces it down.  Amber's disappointed.  She didn't want to go on the date.

Caleb gets his boys to help set up a "romantic date".  He says "This should be the best date I've ever had in my life".  Met by awkward silence... but then they chat for a bit.  Including a bit where he says "I think your parents would love me".  Seems like he does the majority of the talking. 

Cody calls Zach out on being on a power trip.  Good call. 

Zach decides to try to play Nicole a little bit.  He tries to plant a seed of doubt in Nicole about Christine.  Christine is mad.

Cody decides to make a final 2 deal with Derrick because although they have their large alliance, it ultimately comes down to 2.  So Cody and Derrick decides to come up with an alliance name... because, you know... that's what you do in Big Brother.  So they decide on "The Hitmen".  Alliance names are always so dumb.

Next Team America mission - they present that they need to be puppet masters and have 2 houseguests have a heated argument during nominations for at least 20 seconds.  This is a hard one.  Immediately they start talking about Zach.  Easy.  Zach's already talking about his speech for the nomination ceremony, including saying Christine and Jen City would have their picture next to "floater".  So Derrick and Frankie egg him on.  Cody and Hayden tell him it's a horrible idea.

Amber heads to Zach to plead her case.  Zach says he's not going to nominate her, but he is going to back door her (he says that in Diary, not to Amber... obviously).

Nomination time!  Of course, Zach says he doesn't care what people think about his nominations.  Frankie says he's nominating 2 weak players so they lose battle of the block.  Frankie nominates Jacosta and Victoria.  Zach nominates Christine and Nicole.  Zach decides to make things dramatic and makes some mean comments towards Christine and Nicole.   Nicole was laughing at the speech, which actually leads to tears.  He actually called her a "fruit loop dingus".  What the heck is that?  Poor Nicole takes it personally.  And Christine goes to Zach and says she's pissed about it, but more pissed about Zach trying to pit Nicole against her, and Zach flat out denies it.

Victoria is crying.  Jacosta works hard to calm her down... considering she's on the block too.

A wedding related Battle of the Block?  I bet Caleb is hoping this will set the mood for he and Amber.  The pairs have to build a sturdy cake and climb up to the top and stand up there for 3 seconds.  Nicole and Christine are doing an awesome job.  Jacosta and Victoria are just kind of throwing things together.  Zach is yelling at Christine and Nicole hoping they will fall.  Both pairs are climbing up at about the same time, but Victoria and Jacosta fall... and Christine and Nicole win!

Can't wait to see who wins POV!!


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