Big Brother 16 - Recap - Episode 14

We begin with Cody really agonizing over his choice to nominate Donny.  Hahaha!  Did I say "his" choice??  I meant Derrick and Frankie's choice.

Anway, Cody apologizes to Donny, who, of course, is sweet as pie during this conversation.

Brittany talks to Caleb about making a plea for her.  And Caleb does just that.  Here's the thing.  Caleb did have a chance to save her, and he didn't... so, I'm not really sure he has a "vote" here.

We also had to watch as Frankie got news of his grandfather's death.... via letter.  Anyone who's read up on Frankie and his family knows that he was very close to his grandfather.  It was a difficult decision for his family to tell him as his grandfather didn't want him to come home because of this.  This is one of those rare moments in the house where the whole house comes together... sits together... chats together... cries together.  It's nice to see everyone be so ... human.

Have-nots - Based on physical activity level.  I love it.  So funny.  Christine says she thinks Zach is a Have-Not, but interestingly enough..... Christine is a have not, as is Nicole, Caleb and Derrick.

We got to meet Nicole's friends and family.  We found out her nickname is "Coconuts".  Interesting.   One of the town's kids say they think Hayden's funny because he always tries to "make sex with Nicole".  Hilarious. And we see that Hayden finally got his kiss.  Cute.

We get speeches from Brittany and Donny.  Both are heartfelt and emotional.  This is a tough vote.

So, the only person who seemed happy about this vote was Victoria who said she happily voted to evict her.  MEOW.

Ouch.  Ten votes to evict.  I'm sure it hurts when you don't even get one vote to stay.  Bye Brittany.
Julie congratulates Brittany on her 2400 kicks.  Then we see the goodbye.... lots of nice messages.  Donny says he will miss their ice cream dates.  Then they bring out Brittany's kids.... and she hugs them and cries.  Awww.

On to the HOH!  A question game!  Two houseguests faceoff, the person who buzzes in first and gets it right, picks the next two to face off.  If they answer incorrectly, they themselves are eliminated.  If neither guesses, they are both eliminated.  Zach & Frankie come out on top as HOH.

Now, the next task for Team America - Play the role of puppet master... get two houseguests to have an argument at nominations or POV ceremony.

That's all the Big Brother (from me) until Sunday.


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