Big Brother 16 - Recap - Episode 12 - "Let's All Pick on Victoria"

This episode opens where we left off on Thursday... with the HOH challenge.  This challenge involves reaching your fingers through some chicken wire fencing, to move eggs along to your partner who takes the egg the rest of the way.  They had to get a certain amount of eggs over to the other side (I don't remember how many... sorry).  Brittany was initially doing really well in this challenge, but the real story here appeared to be Victoria who couldn't stop dropping the eggs.  Let's face it, we all don't know very much about Victoria because she's done very little this season.  This is really our first look at Victoria... so now we all know, she has slippery fingers.  So, in other words, she's still boring.

After the challenge, Brittany and Donny curl up with some ice cream and have some game talk.  This is why I love this game.  Two people that might not ever have a reason to chat in the "real world" just chatting over ice cream.

So, it's decided that since the "Bomb Squad" is over, there is a need for 5 of the remaining Bomb Squad members to have their own alliance name.  This alliance would consist of Cody, Christine, Frankie, Zach and Derrick.  Zach makes a variety of horrible alliance name suggestions, mostly met by silence... but when Derrick suggests "The Detonators" they all yell and scream like they won the alliance name lottery.

Later we see Cody and Amber having a chat in one of the HOH rooms, with Caleb in the other HOH room.  Amber closes the door on the room she and Cody are in, which upsets Caleb.  Cody says he feels bad, but Amber doesn't understand why because he's her "best guy friend in the house".  Um, Amber?  That's always code for "I think you're super hot".  Meanwhile, Cody tells Frankie he's "so over her".  Funny... somehow I don't think so.

Nominations roll around.  Cody nominates Victoria and Brittany, Frankie nominates Amber and Jacosta.  Brittany fumes that she is considered on the same level as Victoria.  Victoria doesn't understand why she was nominated because she's done nothing in this game.  Way to broadcast being a floater.  That's not exactly something to brag about.

Then we have one of the most ridiculous scenes I've seen this season.  Because there are no Have Nots this week, there is an issue with bed sharing.  No one wants to share a bed with Victoria because she's high maintenance.

On to the Battle of the Block, where Caleb comments that he bets Amber wishes he would save her, but that he's not doing that again.  Caleb, she's a strong competitor, I'm pretty sure she can handle herself.  This challenge is a sort of chess game.  In the end, Amber and Jacosta win, so they come off the block.

Can't wait to see who wins POV on the next episode!


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