Big Brother 16 - Recap - Episode 11

So we knew there was going to be some more talk of the Amber/Caleb/Cody love triangle, and sure enough, this episode we see some more.  Particularly when Amber and Cody are talking, he strokes her leg, and she says "I've been waiting for you to do that"... ummm.... was Victoria in the bed with Cody?  Maybe I'm mistaken, but if that was her... Awkward!

Cody's annoyed by "the kid" (aka Caleb) always following Amber around.  He voices his discomfort with other houseguests.  Derrick does say that he is concerned about Caleb's dedication to Amber.

We get to see that Hayden's making some progress in his relationship with Nicole..... cuddling.. but no kissing.

I think the funniest part of this episode is when Victoria comes outside looking very glamourous in her bathing suit, and the guys throw some "cat calls" her way.  Hayden yells out 'yo baby, what's your name?", and in the diary room, he says "no seriously, what's your name?"  Truer words never spoken.  I know nothing about this girl.

When it comes down to the vote... no surprise... but Devin is evicted.  And, as always, Donny has the sweetest message.

On to POV.  They have to play in pairs, and the winning pair will be the two HOH's.  Pairs are:

Christine & Victoria
Caleb & Nicole
Donny & Hayden
Jacosta & Brittany
Zach & Amber
Cody & Frankie

Pairs have to maneuver their eggs through the course to the other side.  First team to get 12 eggs over, wins.

Victoria and Christine appear to be doing the worst in the beginning.  Frankie and Cody and Amber and Zach are pretty close, then it appears they may have dropped it... it was hard to tell because it cut out a bit.

Team America's next challenge has been chosen.  America wants them to get a physical threat nominated... should be interesting.

Meanwhile... this challenge is "too be continued".  Can't wait to see who the winners are!!


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