Big Brother 16 - Recap - Episode 10

Ok - confession time, I missed the first 10 minutes of the episode... for whatever reason, I thought it was on an hour later (aka... Thursday night schedule).  I'm an idiot.  Anyway, with that out of the way... here we go with what I saw.

Team America starts on their challenge - spreading the rumour that Zach is Amanda's (Season 15) cousin.  Donny tells Nicole (who is dressed as a frog - this must be her punishment for losing Battle of the Block - ?)  Anyway, Nicole tells Christine... they think it makes sense.  Next, brilliantly, they decide to tell Caleb "because we all know Caleb will tell Amber", which he does.  Then, even more brilliantly, they tell Zach.. who tells everyone the rumour is true.  Hilarious.

POV - Jacosta is sick (dehydration) and can't participate in the challenge, so it's left to Derrick and Caleb to draw names for the Veto.  Derrick draws Christine, Caleb draws.... Devin (boo).  Then Derrick draws on Jacosta's behalf... Donny.  Derrick pulls Donny aside to see what Donny will do if he wins.  Derrick says to Donny that Devin is his topic, but Donny maintains he was in the dark about everything this week.  Donny says in a diary room session that he's not ready to reveal his cards yet.

Team America's next challenge is being voted on by America.  They can choose to have the Team get a floater nominated or their biggest physical threat.  This should be interesting....

On to the POV competition... or should I say "prep for the competition"... the boys put on their "beast make-up" and Devin stretches and kicks.  Whatever.

Cody comes out in a suit to host the competition.  Frankie says how sexy he looks... Cody blushes... yup, that's pretty cute.

In this challenge, you battle head to head in a huge dice.  When a number is spun, the players have to roll their dice (with them inside it) around and back to their spot with the correct number on the top.  (and you have to do it the fastest.)  Then you choose who you want to battle against.  Tough challenge... both physical and mental.  Devin wins the first round.  Derrick challenges Devin.  Devin comes out fast and furious.  Derrick takes his time.  Zach can't understand what is taking so long.  And in the end, Devin wins.  Donny is up next... he challenges Devin.  Devin is going fast and furious, but Donny wins.... the house erupts in celebration.  Donny does a little cute dance.  And I do feel a tiny bit sad for Devin.  I don't really like him, but I hate when the whole house gangs up on one person... and to celebrate his defeat like that.  Sad.
Next up, Caleb and Donny.  Donny said he wants to take out "both big boys".  And he does!!!    Amber gives Caleb a kiss but immediately says "ew sweaty" and breaks away and wipes herself off.

Donny goes in to tell sick Jacosta that he's saving her.  She cries, Frankie cries, Amber cries....  it's a weepy moment.  Then Cody comes in to do a strip tease for Jacosta to make her feel better... I think that made everyone feel better.

Then we see Devin cries by himself.  Again... I haven't really liked him to this point... but I feel bad at how much the house celebrated about his defeat.  I don't like seeing people singled out like that.

Jacosta is saved... Devin is put on the block.

Devin says he would not be surprised if he's still there on Thursday.

Jacosta cries and says she's so used to giving, and now she gets to receive (her safety).

Now we wait until tomorrow for eviction ... anything can happen!


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