Big Brother 16 - Episode 4 - Recap

Once again... work gets in the way of my TV watching.  (I kid, I kid)  But seriously, I wasn't able to start watching until half way through again.  Just in time to see Joey spill the beans about the girls alliance. ... to Devin.  Ugh, seriously, that guy is the worst.

Players get picked for veto, then "Pow Pow" cries her eyes out over strong boys being picked for the competition.  And if anything is going to help things, it's crying.

The competition is called "Miami Lice"... everyone's dressed all "Miami Vice" like.  So cheezy, I love it.  They guys all talk about how smart they are... as they all look exhausted.  Donny is taking his time, moseying around...
Paola complains about how hard the competition is.  Side note - is anyone else getting tired of the nickname "Pow Pow"... I feel like I want to rip my own hair out anytime someone says it.

On to the word reveals.... Zach says he won... just out of principle, I don't want him to win.  But given the rest of the "bomb squad" non-words, he appears to be the brains of the group, and that's not saying much.

Donny wins with the word "splitters".  Love him.  Most of all, I hate Zach, so I'm glad Donny won over him.

So, Cody, decides to nominate Joey.  But he's going to give her a lecture first.  So stupid.  She thinks that the lecture means she's safe.  Oh Joey.

So there's a dramatic montage of Donny looking at everyone's pictures while he wears the POV.  Good job with the suspense Big Brother, but I think we all knew he was going to use it on himself.  And no surprise, Caleb nominates Joey. 

If they don't send Paola home, I'm going to be super sad.

Anyone else find it ironic that Paola called Joey "big mouth"? 

Let's see what happens tomorrow night!!


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