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Big Brother 16 - Recap - Episode 17 - Newsflash, Amber doesn't like Caleb "that way"

Amber is trying to badger Frankie about why she's on the block.  He tries to play dumb and makes it look like Caleb was the reason she's up.  Amber's mad and goes to confront him... and he doesn't deny it.  He says he did it because it's "about trust".  She lets him know she's mad.  Now he's feeling it was a mistake, so he creepily stares at her while she's in the back yard.  He apologizes to her and throws his entire alliance under the bus. Caleb goes to talk to Frankie and says "Amber doesn't deserve to be on the block".  He's feeling guilty.  And he cries.  Geez.... this guy has it bad.  It's actually a little scary. So, Cody decides to ask Amber if she likes Caleb... and Amber starts crying.  She tells Christine she doesn't like him "like that" and he's ruining her game.  And like Christine always does... she runs and tells the Alliance, and Frankie plots his way to tell Caleb about this. So Cal

Big Brother 16 - Recap - Episode 16

Plan is still on to try to backdoor Amber.  And Christine and Nicole celebrate their victory and that Zach is not the HOH anymore.  Aaaaand... cue Victoria crying.  Ugh.  She blames Jocasta for the loss.  I watched the challenge... I would beg to differ... I would blame Victoria.  But who am I? Zach decides he's going to poke a sleeping bear.... and by that I mean taunt the have-nots by eating food in front of them.  Ok, that's just cruel.  Who wants to be in an alliance with this nut job?  Does Zach not remember that things could be turned around next week and he could be nominated?  How are you going to get any votes to stay if you're mean to people all the time?!  Cody and Frankie say that he has turned in to Devin.  I would tend to agree.  Frankie tries to talk sense in to Zach and tells him to calm the frig down... and "have a nice week".  Good try.  His plan is to keep him bottled up until the POV.... so Team America wins their challenge. Nicole prepares

Big Brother 16 - Recap - Episode 15

So we start with lots of game talk.  Zach is definitely targeting Amber.  He doesn't want Amber coming after him.    He talks to Caleb about it.. and of course, he wants to save her.  He decides to test her loyalty.  He runs and chats with her and of course tells her that Zach has heard that Amber is going after Zach.  Amber wants to know who said it.  I was surprised Caleb didn't tell her. Zach and Frankie show their HOH.  There are pictures of Frankie's Grampy.  It's all fun and games for those few minutes, then back to game talk.  Zach wants to nominate Christine and Amber, then Zach wants Christine to throw the Battle of the Block.  Of course, she's not receptive.  Zach is frustrated about it. So, everyone's eating pickles, and Caleb hates pickles.  Amber says, "If I said I would go on a date with you, would you eat it", and of course, he forces himself to eat it.  He's gaging, but forces it down.  Amber's disappointed.  She didn't

Big Brother 16 - Recap - Episode 14

We begin with Cody really agonizing over his choice to nominate Donny.  Hahaha!  Did I say "his" choice??  I meant Derrick and Frankie's choice. Anway, Cody apologizes to Donny, who, of course, is sweet as pie during this conversation. Brittany talks to Caleb about making a plea for her.  And Caleb does just that.  Here's the thing.  Caleb did have a chance to save her, and he didn't... so, I'm not really sure he has a "vote" here. We also had to watch as Frankie got news of his grandfather's death.... via letter.  Anyone who's read up on Frankie and his family knows that he was very close to his grandfather.  It was a difficult decision for his family to tell him as his grandfather didn't want him to come home because of this.  This is one of those rare moments in the house where the whole house comes together... sits together... chats together... cries together.  It's nice to see everyone be so ... human. Have-nots - Based o

Big Brother 16 - Episode 13 - Recap

We begin with a little montage devoted to the Amber/Caleb ... whatever this is... fatal attraction?  Am I the only one tired of this storyline?  This guy just isn't getting that she's not in to him, and I don't think he'll ever get it.  He rants to Brittany about how Amber never even thanked him for going on the block.  Yeah, and yet, you still pursue her. Time for the POV - Who knew that Victoria was good at anything?  I didn't because these last two episodes are seriously the most airtime she has seen.  Cody - 10 kicks in the butt everytime the bell rings.  Zach - Trip to Germany.  Britanny - 2400 goals in the next 24 hours, and if it's not completed, you can't participate in the next POV.  Nicole - Germitard (Unitard).  Caleb - $5000 and Victoria wins Power of Veto.  I know... I can't believe it.  And neither can anyone else... there were a series of "what was Caleb thinking" statements.   Cody's raging about Caleb's choice.

Big Brother 16 - Recap - Episode 12 - "Let's All Pick on Victoria"

This episode opens where we left off on Thursday... with the HOH challenge.  This challenge involves reaching your fingers through some chicken wire fencing, to move eggs along to your partner who takes the egg the rest of the way.  They had to get a certain amount of eggs over to the other side (I don't remember how many... sorry).  Brittany was initially doing really well in this challenge, but the real story here appeared to be Victoria who couldn't stop dropping the eggs.  Let's face it, we all don't know very much about Victoria because she's done very little this season.  This is really our first look at Victoria... so now we all know, she has slippery fingers.  So, in other words, she's still boring. After the challenge, Brittany and Donny curl up with some ice cream and have some game talk.  This is why I love this game.  Two people that might not ever have a reason to chat in the "real world" just chatting over ice cream. So, it's deci

Big Brother 16 - Recap - Episode 11

So we knew there was going to be some more talk of the Amber/Caleb/Cody love triangle, and sure enough, this episode we see some more.  Particularly when Amber and Cody are talking, he strokes her leg, and she says "I've been waiting for you to do that"... ummm.... was Victoria in the bed with Cody?  Maybe I'm mistaken, but if that was her... Awkward! Cody's annoyed by "the kid" (aka Caleb) always following Amber around.  He voices his discomfort with other houseguests.  Derrick does say that he is concerned about Caleb's dedication to Amber. We get to see that Hayden's making some progress in his relationship with Nicole..... cuddling.. but no kissing. I think the funniest part of this episode is when Victoria comes outside looking very glamourous in her bathing suit, and the guys throw some "cat calls" her way.  Hayden yells out 'yo baby, what's your name?", and in the diary room, he says "no seriously, what

Big Brother 16 - Recap - Episode 10

Ok - confession time, I missed the first 10 minutes of the episode... for whatever reason, I thought it was on an hour later (aka... Thursday night schedule).  I'm an idiot.  Anyway, with that out of the way... here we go with what I saw. Team America starts on their challenge - spreading the rumour that Zach is Amanda's (Season 15) cousin.  Donny tells Nicole (who is dressed as a frog - this must be her punishment for losing Battle of the Block - ?)  Anyway, Nicole tells Christine... they think it makes sense.  Next, brilliantly, they decide to tell Caleb "because we all know Caleb will tell Amber", which he does.  Then, even more brilliantly, they tell Zach.. who tells everyone the rumour is true.  Hilarious. POV - Jacosta is sick (dehydration) and can't participate in the challenge, so it's left to Derrick and Caleb to draw names for the Veto.  Derrick draws Christine, Caleb draws.... Devin (boo).  Then Derrick draws on Jacosta's behalf... Donny.  D

What's Your Motivation?

We've all been there ... struggling to stay motivated to stay active.  I can be really good for a while, working out most days of the week, doing activities I love (Zumba, running), but then I get hit with a cold (or one time... shin splints... ouch)... and when that happens, no matter how good I was feeling before, or how much I was enjoying those activities.  I struggle to get going again. I'm also a huge junk eater.  I overeat when it comes to carbs - breads, pastas... I love it all.   And I love me some chocolate.... and caramel... and vanilla... and... well, you get the point. I used to set "target weight" goals for myself... but in the end, what's in a number?  I'm not going to lie, I will probably always have some number in my head, but most of all, I want to get to a point with my health that I just feel good. I'm currently sitting in a slump.  I have a gym membership, and haven't been there in over a month (eep!).  I went away on a work

Big Brother 16 - Recap - Episode 9

As the episode begins with a recap of the previous episode, we find out that Devin tried to do "damage control" and run around and tell everyone about the "Bomb Squad".  This leads me to think... he was so angry anytime he thought anyone betrayed the alliance... yet he was the biggest detriment to that alliance from the beginning. No surprise, when Derrick and Nicole chat about nominations... Derrick wants to nominate people other than Devin, so they can backdoor him.  Nicole is going to nominate Amber... so Derrick mentions it to Caleb, knowing that Caleb will risk himself for Amber.  Caleb gives a little diary room talk that basically says as much... he thinks Amber will see him as a stud.  He is going to throw the competition so Amber is saved.  He tells Amber his plan.  I'm not sure she thinks he's a stud thought. Nicole is struggling with her final nominee, and Donnie tells her to nominate Christine after she fills him in on the nomination plan.

My #FF Blogs

Have you heard of #FF?  If you aren't on Twitter, that probably looks like gibberish, or that I was swearing.... but no.... #FF is a hashtag that stands for "Follow Friday" where people recommend different Twitter accounts to follow.  I decided to do a "Blog Follow Friday" post and talk about a few of my favourite blogs. 1 - Illustrated with Crappy Pictures  - If you haven't seen this blog, you need to read it!  Amber Dusick is the author (and illustrator) of this blog.  She shares her hilarious stories about life - her kids, her husband and her cats.  All illustrated with hilarious pictures.  Check it out, I'm sure you'll love it: 2 - I'm Bringing Blogging Back  - If you like entertainment blogs ... you might like this... if you like trashy television and someone recapping ridiculous shows like Catfish, Real Housewives or The Hills (ok, maybe not now, but you can go back and read the old recaps for a laugh).  Pat

Big Brother 16 - Recap - Episode 8

We open with the fallout from the POV.... Brittany calls Paola out for throwing the competition.  Paola gets defensive and said she didn't throw the competition.  Devin confirms he asked her to, and confirms that, but says she didn't do it.  She calls Devin a liar.  Then Zach gets up and gives a big speech about how much he doesn't like Devin. Frankie feels betrayed by Zach for "putting him on blast" when Zach said "he wasn't sure how Frankie would vote".  Um... what's so bad about that?  Anyway, Frankie's very dramatic about it... I'm just going to leave it at that. Paola and Zach have a ridiculous argument over whether they deserve to be in the house, who's a liar... basically it was stupid. Meanwhile, Devin decides to add a new member to the alliance without bringing the whole alliance together to talk about it first (ahem... dictatorship).  They bring Hayden in, and Devin tells him about the Bomb Squad and asks him if he wan

Big Brother 16 - Recap - Episode 7

I began this episode assuming it was going to be a Devin centered episode... and I was right. We pick up where the Battle of the Block left off, and the "Weirdo Alliance" of Hayden, Christine and Nicole celebrate coming off the block.  Devin takes Hayden aside and decides (for whatever reason... to build a sense of partnership or something) to tell him the Devin had Paola throw the competition.  Hayden isn't convinced Paola threw it.  Neither am I.  Hayden goes back and tells Nicole about Paola "throwing the competition" and they discuss what will happen if that revelation comes out... Hayden suggests they deny being a part of it.  Ok... good strategy.  Then he suggests that he and Nicole "kiss it out".  This guy is good for comic relief. Zach chats with Cody, Christine and Derrick about working against Devin... thank goodness!  That's the most sensible talk I've heard in a while.  Quick shot over to the hammock... and Caleb's love-

Big Brother 16 - Recap - Episode 6 "All About Devin"

I call this episode "All About Devin" because it really is.  There's a running joke among a lot of people that watch the live feeds about how often Devin finds an opportunity to mention he has a daughter. I dare you to count how many times he brings it up this episode. So we started with the HOH's reading their letters....and of course, a picture of Devin's daughter.  When Amber reads her letter, she cries...and so does Caleb. Seriously Caleb... she's just not that in to you. Devin, for some weird reason, decides to come clean, with not only Donny, but the whole house, about how he was the mastermind of the plot to get Donny out last week.  The problem with his plan? The HOH's last week claimed they nominated who they did because of when they fell during the competition. Brittany recognizes this right away and mentions it to Frankie.  So the bomb squad has a "debrief" after Devin's house meeting and they find the nicest way possible to sa

Big Brother 16 - Recap - Episode 5

So, what was Joey doing in the background when Julie was doing the opening intro?   Kinda looked like a combo of dancing and maybe rapping/singing. Anyway, so a few back and forth shots of Joey and Paola wondering if they’re going to be evicted or not.   Devin has also decided it’s a good strategy to pressure everyone in to voting unanimously.   This guy is an idiot.   Please get him out soon Houseguests. Joey tries to plead to Zach to keep her.    He tells her that Cody and Devin are running the house and controlling the vote and there’s nothing he can do.   Ugh, this guy… I can’t even…. SO Joey decides to switch to her “alter ego Alex” and basically yell about keeping her in the house.   Weird strategy Joey/Alex.   Pretty much everyone thinks she’s crazy but “makes a good point”.   Paola thinks that “Alex” coming around is good for her chances of staying in the house.   I tend to agree.   Boo. Next we get a montage of Caleb talking about how much he likes Amber.   *yaw

Big Brother 16 - Episode 4 - Recap

Once again... work gets in the way of my TV watching.  (I kid, I kid)  But seriously, I wasn't able to start watching until half way through again.  Just in time to see Joey spill the beans about the girls alliance. ... to Devin.  Ugh, seriously, that guy is the worst. Players get picked for veto, then "Pow Pow" cries her eyes out over strong boys being picked for the competition.  And if anything is going to help things, it's crying. The competition is called "Miami Lice"... everyone's dressed all "Miami Vice" like.  So cheezy, I love it.  They guys all talk about how smart they are... as they all look exhausted.  Donny is taking his time, moseying around... Paola complains about how hard the competition is.  Side note - is anyone else getting tired of the nickname "Pow Pow"... I feel like I want to rip my own hair out anytime someone says it. On to the word reveals.... Zach says he won... just out of principle, I don't wa