Where are they now?

So, I realize this is bordering on a "throwback Thursday" post, which I promised to do tomorrow, but I came across a couple of celebrity gossip headlines that prompted me to write this.

Remember Courtney Stodden?  Ok, maybe not.  I will admit that I probably wouldn't have known her name either, but you may recognize her face.  She's the girl that married Doug Hutchison (aka - Percy from "The Green Mile") when she was 16, with full support of her parents.  Keep in mind that he was in his 50's when they got married.  She, Doug and her parents also claim she never had any plastic surgery.... let's all bare that in mind when we watch the clip below.  Anyway, apparently Courtney has her own "webisodes" entitled "Courtney Naturally"... I started to write out a little comment about the title of her show, but it came out a little too "Mean Girls"-ish, so I think I'll just leave it at that.  The topics in these webisodes are pretty riveting... such as selfies.... some video of her playing with some helium... and this video looking at baby pictures of herself.   Now that I've peaked your interest, have a look:

I'll be the first to admit.  I'm mesmorized by this girl.  I just don't know what to think... is it an act?  Is this her "natural" self?  I have my own assumptions, but I'll let you make your own assumptions.  On a final note - she and Doug tried to make their marriage work... by having their own tv special, going on "Couples Therapy", and then she took some time on her own to do Celebrity Big Brother in the UK.  Shortly after she left the Big Brother house, she and Doug announced their split, but he continues to co-manage her career.

Next, Remember Speidi?  And I don't mean Spiderman... I'm talking Heidi and Spencer from "The Hills" infamy?  Well apparently they're making a reappearance on "the scene" with a stint on "Celebrity Wife Swap".  While this is not a show I typically watch, I will watch their episode for a few reasons: 

1 – I can’t believe they’re still together
2 – I can’t believe they’re still considered “celebrities”
3 – I think it’s going to be a train wreck

As a bonus note - Speidi also had a stint on Celebrity Big Brother.  View some of the footage of them in their glory here (Courtesy of Youtube's SidTheSloth322) - Just an additional note... the language in this video is NSFW (Not safe for work - for those unfamiliar with this abbreviation): 

So tune in tomorrow for a Reality #TBT entry.


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