Throwback Thursday - Reality Shows I Hope Never Come Back

You now how every once in a while, some TV or movie producer gets a "great idea" to re-make an old movie or TV show?  Well, I've come up with a little list of shows I hope never come back.  Don't get me wrong... some of these shows... I watched every minute.  Looking back, they were truly horrible, but I'm a sucker for trashy TV, so, truth be told, I would likely watch if they came back on.

Here's the list (in no particular order):

Temptation Island:

Ahhh... so much trash in one little hour.  This show consisted of several couples coming to an island full of singles to "test" their relationship.  Why?  When in real life are you going to be surrounded by good looking people who are trying to break up your relationship?  Is this a regular thing that happens?  Because I guess I'm not part of that side of the world. 

I found it so ridiculous that people were constantly crying/mad about their partner kissing, talking, laughing, hugging (etc) any of the singles.  What did they think was going to happen on this show?  If everyone stayed faithful, they wouldn't have a show. 

Fun fact (that I did not remember until going through some old articles about the show) - the host's name was Mark Walberg... but not THAT Mark Walberg.  This one has hosted a number of different shows.

Anyway, one of the couples I found most annoying was Billy and Mandy.  They were constantly testing the limits and then getting mad at the other one for doing the same.   I have no idea if they are still together ... but I found her Youtube page.  Apparently she is a singer and "Youtube Star".  She has some alter egos that she features in some of the Youtube episodes.  They are ... interesting.  Here is one of her episodes, for your viewing pleasure:

The Swan

This show was the most disgusting of the disgusting.  It featured various women talking about why they felt they needed plastic surgery.  It was clear that the majority (if not ALL) of the women on this show had self-esteem issues.  While the show claimed that they had some psychological counseling while on the show, lets keep in mind that they were only on the show for the length of their surgery and recovery time... not much time for counseling. 

Take for example the clip below.  One of the first things she says is that she's trying to figure out who she is.  Call me crazy, but I don't think plastic surgery is necessary to figure out who you are. 

Before I go any further, I want to add, that I hate being critical of the women on this show.  I feel like they already  have self-esteem issues, so they don't need me ripping them apart.  It's not the women that are the problem.  Obviously there has been a message to them, somewhere along the way, that looking different will make things better, and that's just sad.

After we hear why these women want to be on the show, we are subjected to watching a panel of plastic surgeons break down what surgery this woman "needs", and a couple seconds of a psychologist "analyzing" her psychological needs. 

The recovery segments on this show are enough to make me swear off plastic surgery forever.

Celebrity Boxing

What's more fun than watching two celebrities beat each other up?  Lots of things.  This show was terrible.  This show featured ridiculous match ups like Joey Buttafuoco vs "Chyna" (of WWE fame), Tonya Harding vs Paula Jones and Todd Bridges vs Vanilla Ice.  Sure, lots of people wanted to see Tonya Harding punched in the face after the whole Nancy Kerrigan thing, but this was just idiotic.  Watch Tonya fight Paula Jones below... Paula was clearly out of her league here as she keeps basically running away. 

Do you have any shows that you don't want to see come back?  Share them in the comments below!


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