Throw Back Thursday - Part 2!

I'm getting this "Throwback Thursday" post in before the end of Thursday... then it would have had to be a "Flashback Friday" post, and that just wouldn't have been the same.

Anyway.... as promised in my last "#TBT" post.... I will flashback to some memorable reality tv moments.  I won't say "my favourite" moments, because some of these moments... I hated, but... let's admit it, I love having moments to hate... so they are included.

Here we go!

Big Brother All Stars - Diary room "phone calls" between Mike "Boogie" & Dr. Will :

In Season 2, I hated these guys... I prayed every week they would be evicted.  In the end... WIll won that Season.  When I heard Mike and Will were back for Big Brother All Stars, I cringed, but I enjoyed watching them more than I'll admit.  Here is some of why I enjoyed them:


Big Brother 8 – Jen Crying over her picture:
Ok... I will admit... despite the fact that I am a major Big Brother fan, I frequently forget everything about one season the minute a new season begins.  At this time, I remember virtually nothing about Season 8... that being said, I came across this video on YouTube, and I remember the rage I felt when I watched this ridiculous girl cry... and not just cry... but SOB... over HER PICTURE.  I get it... the house makes you a different person.  Being cut off from the rest of the world may make you a little nuts, but come on... let's put things in perspective here.  It's a freaking picture!  (Do you sense my rage?)  Anyway, enjoy this ridiculous video (click on the link): 

Big Brother 2 – Shannon scrubs the toilet with Hardy’s toothbrush:
Season 2 of Big Brother... the whole Big Brother thing was still pretty new... and so were other reality tv shows.  So nothing was more scandalous... than Shannon scrubbing the toilet with Hardy's toothbrush.  I don't remember what drove her to do this, other than the fact that she didn't like him.  I remember Shannon for a couple of reasons... she was a jerk (I could have used more colouful language, but let's leave it at that), and for her "showmance" with Dr Will.  Watch her in one of her jerkier moments... as she cleans the toilet with Hardy's toothbrush.

Big Brother (I don't remember the season number) - Chima get’s expelled from the house:
This is probably one of the more ridiculous moments I remember.  So... here's a little Big Brother 101:
- You live in a house with other people... cut off from the outside world
- Cameras follow you 24 hours a day
- You have to wear a mic.

Those are the basics.  Sure, there are other rules like "don't threaten people" and "don't cheat in challenges", but those go without saying. I would have thought that "wear your microphone on a television show" would also go without saying, but apparently not.  I don't remember why Chima was in such a ridiculously bad mood, but she did not want to wear her mic, and she also didn't want to go to the Diary room when she was going to be reprimanded for it.  She was kicked out of the house as a result.  Such a stupid reason for being expelled.  Enjoy the temper tantrum:


 That's all for this week! 

Have any favourite moments I haven't talked about yet?  Let me know in the comments below!




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