Stay-cation - Pt 1

As promised, the first installment in my stay-cation series.  Because we plan to spend most of our summer close to home, I decided to highlight some of the awesome things our area offers.  I think sometimes we don't explore our own hometown, and that's unfortunate.   

So today we decided to do a little drive to Hampton, NB.  Hampton is about 30 minutes away from where I live in Saint John, NB. 

Hampton is a small community of a little over 4200 people.  It's rich with history!  Originally settled by Loyalists in the 1780s.  Lots of charm in this place.

We decided to head out to a fundraiser for the Hampton Food Bank.  The fundraiser was a Pontoon Ride on the Kennebecasis River.  Cool, right?  It really was.  The fundraiser was put on by Zelda's River Adventures.  (Check out their website here:  The ride was about an hour, but so much beauty and wildlife:


My little girl enjoyed herself.

After our boat tour, we did a little drive through Hampton and found a park, which my daughter was quite pleased about:

It was a great little park surrounded with old buildings, a cute little gift shop/info center, and they were even setting up for a little concert.

Lots of little restaurants, shops and fast food places along Hampton Road for every taste.

Although it was a quick little trip away today, we definitely got the "getaway" feel.

On a budget note, the cost of today's excursion - a donation to the Hampton Food Bank, lunch (about $12.... but if I had of been better at planning ahead, there would have been lots of opportunity/spots to have a picnic).

Have a mini-getaway story of your own?  Feel free to share!


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