How to Train Your Dragon 2 - Review

I will freely admit that the majority of my movie watching, since I became a mom 5 years ago, has seemed to primarily revolve around children's movies.... and I'm ok with that.  Lots of the children's animated movies nowadays include little nuances and jokes that adults will enjoy.  I have also noticed that I have become a bit emotional since I became a mom.  Half of the movies I've watching with my daughter.... Frozen, Up, and others... have made me cry.  This movie was no exception.

I didn't see the first "How to Train Your Dragon" (it was a daddy-daughter date movie), but I was still able to follow this one and gather what happened in the first.

The movie follows Hiccup, the hero of the first movie, and his village, which has now embraced dragons.  Many of the village residents have dragons of their own that they ride around on.  When we pickup with Hiccup, he's creating a map of many surrounding lands that he's now able to visit because of his dragon, Toothless. 

Without giving too much away about the movie, Hiccup discovers that a villain, Drago Bluntvist, is trying to control dragons in order to create a dragon army. 

Hiccup meets a mysterious dragon rider and a safe haven full of rescued dragons.  They work together to fight back against Drago.

I won't say too much else, so I don't ruin the movie for anyone.  This movie has some powerful messages contained in it about understanding and tolerance.  I will warn that this movie has some frightening scenes for younger children, and some sad scenes (for sappy moms and dads like me).

I highly recommend this movie. 


  1. Good review. It was a lovely to look at movie, but what made it even better was by how emotional it could get without being afraid of over-stepping their boundaries. And thankfully, they never did.

    1. I completely agree! I never did see the first one, but this movie has prompted me to watch it. Thanks for commenting!


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