Home Renos Terrify Me

Ok, ok.... I know... you read the title of this post and think "I thought she said she was going to post about Reality TV most of the time".  Yes... I did say that.  However, I tried... I really tried... to watch the Bachelorette last night.  It was my fourth episode... and... I just couldn't make it through.  I usually love that show... and the Bachelor (and Bachelor Pad.... etc, etc), but this season just makes me want to... sleep.  So I did.   But, I wanted to blog anyway, so I decided to blog about some "real life stuff"... and I see by my survey feedback that some people enjoy those kinds of posts anyway... so win-win!  And for those who don't like these kinds of posts... I hope you entered my contest, by way of survey, because you get to give feedback on the blog, and be entered to win a coffee gift card and donation to charity of your choice!  Another win-win!  I'm full of them today!  Well.. full of something anyway....

On to today's topic.  Renovations.  I hate them.  Don't get me wrong... I love the finished product.  I just hate the process.  If there was an easy and cost effective way for me to hire someone to do renovations, go on vacation, and come back to the finished produce, I would do it.  But, I am not a millionaire, so I muddle through.

We have renovated the kitchen and bathroom in our house.  The kitchen wasn't so bad, because we only did the sink and countertop.  Not bad.  The bathroom on the other hand...  a project that was to take a weekend wound up taking a week and a half.  What's so bad about that?  We only have one bathroom.  So this ended up in us moving out of the house temporarily.  Our plumber was frequently called away to other "emergencies" so that was the majority of the delay. 

The other thing I hate about renovations?  Going over budget.  I am the budgeter in our family, so I can be a bit of a fanatic about money.  We went over budget in both of our last renovations.

On tap this summer?  An overhaul of our garden/flower beds and.... (drumroll please)... windows, siding and doors.  Yikes.  Huge. 

Because the prospect of these renovations terrify me, I've decided to chronicle these renos through the blog.  Maybe this can be a learning experience for our next renovation project, or for anyone reading this blog. 

I'll start blogging about the progress of our renos later this week.  I just I thought I would post today to build the anticipation... did it work?  I'll post a little "before picture" to help you visualize:

Want to give some feedback?  Provide your own "horror story" or reno success?  Post in the comments below!

And if you haven't entered my contest yet, it closes tomorrow at 12:00 PM Atlantic.


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