Countdown to Big Brother 16!

The countdown is definitely on in my house (well, for me at least), Big Brother 16 premiers Wednesday!  Which means I will soon be flooding all of my social media feeds with Big Brother related tweets every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday!  Can you tell I'm excited by all of my exclamation points?!?!  Anyway, as part of my "countdown to the first show", I've done a little digging around and found out some of the scoop as to what we have to look forward to this summer.

***Warning**** Don't read any further if you prefer to wait until the first night.

1 - The newest Big Brother twist is that this season there will be 2 HOH's crowned every week.  Each HOH nominates two houseguests (so 4 nominees all together).  Then the 2 HOH's will participate in a "Battle of the Block".  The winner of this challenge gets to stay HOH and their nominees remain.  So what does this mean?  A lot more drama.  It means 4 people will be ticked off this week instead of 2.  Also, we will most certainly hear a lot more "don't worry about it, you're just being put up as a pawn".

2 - There is apparently a houseguest who has previously tweeted homophobic and racist comments.  Wonderful (sarcasm)... as if we didn't have enough of that in Big Brother 15.  I wasn't going to reveal his name, but it will all come out anyway.  His name is Caleb Reynolds.

3 - Caleb, the same houseguest mentioned in point # 2 also has a video of himself killing a wild boar with a stick.  Wait... is this Survivor?  Or Big Brother?  Anyway, he describes himself as an avid outdoorsman, and apparently that was part of his outdoorsman lifestyle (?)

4 - America will apparently have influence of some kind over a houseguest (perhaps like America's Player?  I'm not sure).  Last week on CBS's website you can vote for "Team America".  The description appeared as follows:  "If you had to form an alliance with one of the House Guests who would you select? Choose wisely, your vote will impact the game."  Ooo... intriguing.

So there are a few tidbits to get you revved up for Wednesday's episode.  Be sure to head to the CBS website to check out all of the Houseguest profiles there.


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