Big Brother - Recap - Episode 3

Alright, here's my apology up front.  I'm at a work conference that went late, so I missed the first half of the episode.  So there's a big gap in this recap, but hopefully the rest of this recap still works for you, because there's no PVR in my hotel room, so I can only recap what I saw.

SO - pick up at the nominations - Caleb nominates: Paola (Pow Pow .... I refuse to call her that), and Donny.  Frankie nominates Victoria and Brittany. 

So I learn that there is a guys alliance... "the Bomb Squad".... and Devin decides, without consulting the rest of his alliance, that he's going to as Amber and Christine to be part of the Squad.  Se get to see various reactions of people in the bomb squad to Devin's additions.  The consensus is, Devin is an idiot.  Why would you not consult your alliance first?  Bad move.

On to the Battle of the Block.  The nominees compete, the nominees that win come off the block, and the HOH who nominated them is dethroned.  For this challenge, the two nominees work as a pair swinging from chandeliers to collect champaign, pass it to their partner and the partner dumps it in to a class.  The first couple to have their glass filled until a berry comes out of the glass.

Paola seems to have difficulty getting the hang of swinging. ( Did she not do this as a kid?)  And her facial expressions show it.  I can't tell if she's trying to swing, or using the bathroom (yes, a classy bathroom joke on my blog). 

In the end, clearly Victoria and Brittany are in the groove, and they win. 

Next up... Power of veto!  (On Wednesday)


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