Big Brother 16 Starts TONIGHT!

In case you can't tell by my caps and exclamation point in the title of this post... I am pretty excited for Big Brother to start tonight.  It's that special time of year when we start to forget the names of past houseguests, and meet a whole new set of people.  Don't get me wrong, I have my favourites (and least favourites) that I remember and some I wish I could forget... but as for the rest... I tend to forget there names within a season or two.  I see old clips of previous seasons and think "oh yeah, I forgot about that girl/guy".

I love my reality TV, and Big Brother is definitely my favourite.  So be prepared, if you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or read my blog regularly, you will be over run with posts about this season.  I live-Tweet every episode, and recap every episode here on the blog.  So strap in for a summer full of drama, showmances and Julie Chen's memorable "but first".

To get you prepped for tonight, have a sneak peak at the first Head-of-Household competition of the season:

(Clip from the CBS Youtube page)


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