Big Brother 16 - Episode 2 Recap

Who else is excited to hear about the other 8 houseguests?  Well let’s dive in!

So everyone kind of blends together for me during this opening “meet the houseguests” montage, but the standouts for me?  Zach… because he’s arrogant…. The mom of 3 (can’t remember her name… it will come later), Hayden the super smart dude and Christine the Barista.

I do remember Jacosta says “I’ve done a lot of things, done alot of people”.   Say what?  I did a double take just then.  Unexpected.  When she started intro by saying she was a minister and motivational speaker, I definitely wasn’t expecting those to be the next words out of her mouth.

We learn that Barista Christine loves nudity.  Could this be the female version of Arlie (BB Canada 2)?  

As much as the mom of 3 seems nice enough, the duck face she was showing while waiting to go in the house nearly pushed me over the edge.

The new houseguests enter the house after learning there is already an HOH, and that there will be another one.  Hayden says he’s in the house with ‘The Rock’ (Devin), ‘Whitney Houston’ (Amber) and ‘John Travolta’ (Cody).  Too funny.

Zach has indicated he doesn’t need friends…. and he shows us that by being pretty abrasive with Frankie.  Yup.  Isn’t that a great strategy?  How about no!   What an idiot.

On to the HOH competition.  The houseguests basically hold on to a big “spit” and get spun around over “coals”.  A little bit further into the competition, they spray BBQ sauce on the houseguests to make it, you know, fun.  Untilmately, Cody wins.  

Then… Julie drops the bombshell… the two HOH’s will each nominate 2 Houseguests… meaning 4 people will be on the block, but then, in the “Battle of the Block” competition, each HOH’s nominees will compete against the other HOH’s nominees.  The winners come off the block, and the HOH that nominated them is dethroned, and thrown back into the mix, and could potentially be nominated.  The houseguests equally freak out about this revelation.

Team America, America’s alliance, had it’s first member named… Joey!   Thank you America!  I love her!!  Each member receives $5000 for every challenge they accomplish.

I am also happy to hear the live feeds open tonight, so I’ll be able to read spoilers!  Yay!

Until next time…. share your thoughts below!!


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