Big Brother 16 - Episode 1 Recap!!!

Well, here we are boys and girls, Season 16 of Big Brother.  Nothing makes me sound more judgemental than when I watch this show.  I think this show brings out the "dramarific" (yes, I know that's not a real word) side of me.

Lets get in to it!

We start by meeting the first 8 houseguests.....Amber, Paola, Cody, Devin, Joey, Frankie, Donny and Nicole. 

Right away... I don't like Paola.  Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty sure she will provide us with many memorable moments which may or may not include moments not appropriate for live TV, but there's something about this girl that rubs me the wrong way.     

I'm sure the most memorable/talked about houseguest of the night was Cody. Yes, yes, he's a good looking guy. I'm not immune to his looks... but I was not particularly impressed beyond that. I need more than looks..most of the time.

Similarly, Devin.... nice looking, but not much to offer beyond that. Yes...lots of ladies swoon over single dad's, but using good looks as a strategy? Unimpressive. He kind of came off as an arrogant jerk to me.

Donny... he is one of my personal faves. I love me some small town folk.

Similarly...Nicole - simple (not in a bad way) small town girl. And that accent... awesome.

Amber - Personally, I didn't really find she did too much to make an impression. I'm sort of indifferent at the moment.

Joey - I instantly liked this girl.  She's so bubbly it's infectious. And the blue hair just seems to suit her. She is my early favourite.

Frankie - Youtube sensation and brother of Arianna Grande of Disney Channel (and other ??) fame.  Fun and fabulous, but not over the top.  And his pink hair.  Great.

So there you have it, the intros.

So the first 8 (not to be confused with the First Five Alliance from BB Canada), enter the house.  Lots of screaming and giggles and they figure out the beds.

Then they all introduce themselves.  This is where they size each other up and decide who they want to “showmance” with.  Surprisingly, no particularly nasty comments by anyone… yet.

Amber had her eyes on Devin, Devin had his eyes on Joey, and at least half of the houseguests were enjoying the site of Cody.  

We also see some lining up for alliances.  These 8 agree they will align togther as the “Crazy Eights”, but there are a few sub-alliances including Devin and Donny.  Devin thinks this is a great alliance because no one would expect it, even Donny who couldn’t believe he was being approached by this big strong guy for an alliance.  The 4 girls decide to form an Alliance called “El Quatro” which Paola refers to as the first ever all girls alliance… umm.. I’m pretty sure this has happened before, perhaps she’s not familiar with this show.  My favourite part of this alliance is when Nicole says “I’m all for girl power, but what does El Quatro mean?”  Ha!

Julie tells the group there will be 8 more houseguests and because you’re HOH, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re safe.  Ooooo!

The group of 8 play the first HOH which consists of holding on to a kite while balancing on a moving… log(?)  then they get sprayed with sunscreen.  In the end, it comes down to Amber and Frankie, and since Amber is afraid about Julie’s statement that the HOH may not be safe, she throws in the towel, and Frankie wins!

Julie then drops the bombshell on the houseguests, there will be 2 HOH’s this season.

And we’re left with some scenes of the houseguests freaking out about all of these new tidbits Julie has just given to them.

Before we sign off, Julie shares that there will be a #TeamAmerica this season… a secret alliance of 3, chosen by America and given tasks by America.  We learn the first houseguest has already been chosen by America, but we won’t know their identity until tomorrow.  

What were your thoughts on tonight’s episode???  Share your comments below and tune in Thursday night when we meet the rest of the houseguests!!


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