1 Week Away from Big Brother 16!

It's almost that time of year again... that time of year that my Facebook friends and Twitter followers who don't like Big Brother consider "unfriending/unfollowing" me because of my excessive live-tweeting!  Yay!

I thought I would take this opportunity to make a few predictions about this season's house guests:

1 - I predict that there will be a former (maybe more than one) house guest involved in some way.  I'm really hoping it's not as a "coach".  I hated that twist.

2 - There will be a "southern belle" or "good 'ol southern boy".... oozing with classic southern charm.

3 - There will be a gay house guest.  The question is, will they hide it... like Kenny in Big Brother Canada... or be open about it... or someone over the top like the potential house guest Scott/Contessa?  Or.... maybe for a change it will be a girl!  Although... for some reason... I'm thinking that isn't likely.

4 - I also predict that they will only have one house guest over the age of 30.  Apparently us "30 and overs" aren't very interesting. ... or we all have jobs/families/commitments... either way.

5 - There will be at least one house guest who hides their profession.  Remember when Danielle decided to lie about her profession.. instead of saying she was a nurse, she "played the part of a dumbed down kindergarten teacher".  Riiggghtttt.   That was a good strategy *eye roll*.

6 - There will be mean girls.  At least two... maybe three... who form a "friendship" within the first few days based on their ridiculing of other house guests.  I will hate them.

7 - There will be at least one guy who believes he is hot/desirable to every girl in the house.

8 - I also predict that within the first 10 minutes of the opening episode, Julie Chen will say her first "but first".

9 - There will be claims that this season will have the most "shocking twist in Big Brother history".  I'm not claiming to know what that twist is... I just know that will be a claim this season.

10 - There will be multiple comparisons by online bloggers between new house guests and one of the following former house guests: Janelle, Dr. Will, Jordan, Jeff or Rachel.

Anyway... they're not earth shattering predictions, but they're a few things that I think will happen this season.

Do you have any predictions?  Share them in the comments section below!

And one final note... Congratulations to Sherry Wagner for winning my blog feedback contest!  And thank you to everyone who filled out the survey.  I'm working hard to include the content you have indicated you're interested in.  One of the overall comments was that you all wanted to see more content more often... and I'm making it happen.  Yay!


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