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Throwback Thursday

Alright, I'm going to jump on the "Throwback Thursday" (or #TBT for all you Tweeters) bandwagon.   Wait!  Before you quickly flip away from this page because you don't want to see pictures of me and my friends in high school, or baby pictures... it's not that kind of post.  As much as I want to look at pictures of me looking younger and perkier (I don't want to... at all)... MY "throw back Thursday" will be a throwback to some of my favourite reality TV moments.  Keep in mind I can barely remember what I did yesterday, let alone what I was watching on TV 10 years ago.... and as much as I watch TV, I haven't seen EVERY reality TV show, so there's a chance that I may miss your favourite.  So you're welcome to complain about my list..... but just remember this disclaimer when you're writing your complaints. 

One other disclaimer, I am linking to YouTube videos.  At the time I am loading them, they are working... but who knows... YouTube videos get taken down all the time. 

Now, on to my favourite moments, in no particular order:

Big Brother Season 1 - "Sloshy" Josh's Dance

Where to begin with this video.  Clearly alcohol fueled.  Nothing provides more joy to Big Brother Houseguests than getting alcohol.  Josh, Eddie and Curtis are down to the final 3, and they're loving every minute.  They ask for some music... and in Season 1, Big Brother usually accommodated that request by playing Big Brother theme songs from around the world.  In this case a French... or German.... version (they sound the same... don't they?   Well... probably when you're drunk).  The boys encourage Josh to get up and dance... and take his "stuff" off.  He graciously complies.  We're treated to a little strip tease... but the best is yet to come.  As part of the routine, he picks up a hand broom and sweeps the floor then his butt.  A unique, and in my mind, his now signature dance move.  That comes after he moonwalks, moons his fellow houseguests and some other dance moves I'm not sure what to call.  But, can we all agree that the "butt sweep" was the best part of that dance?  So you think the dance is over?  It is not.  He finishes it off by putting some fruit in his underwear.... I'm not really sure why, but the laughter of Curtis and Eddie is enough to make me laugh. 

The Joe Schmo Show - Season 1

Yes, I cheated a little here.  I didn't just pick 1 moment.  This show was a little known reality show (at least in my circle of friends), but I loved it.  It centered around a "regular guy", Matt Kennedy Gould, who was brought on a "Big Brother" type reality show.  What he didn't know was that all of the other contestants were actors.  At times, this show seemed cruel.  He was feeling real emotions, crying when people were evicted, believing he was forming real bonds with this houseguests.  When in reality, they were all acting a part.  The consensus from the actors was that they thought he was so genuinely nice.  One of the little known facts about this show is that Kristen Wiig was on this show.  She played a psychologist.  During one of the challenges, that involved sumo wrestling, Matt accidently knocked Kristen out by taking her down in a hard tackle.  She was legitimately hurt.  He felt terrible, and the prize that he "won" during that challenge (a trip), he gave it to Kristen, because he felt so terrible.  See?!  Nice guy.  Some of the scenes/scenarios were so ridiculous, it was hard to believe that he wasn't catching on.  In the end, they did the big reveal and he couldn't believe it, but he did say that he was hurt because his "best friend in the house" was in on the joke, and he wasn't sure whether he could believe their friendship was real.  Awww.  Anyway, clips of this show are hard to come by, but to give you an idea of the ridiculousness of this show, here is a clip of their eviction ceremony:

Side note... when the host says "you're dead to us", I don't know how the actors didn't laugh.

Real Housewives of New Jersey - The Table Flip

I love me some crazy, and the "final dinner" during the Real Housewives of New Jersey brought plenty of that.  Grown women, all screaming at each other while dressed as though they were going to the Oscars.  As I watched this I thought the old saying is true - money can't buy you class (as we were also told by Countess Luanne from Real Housewives of New York - I've included her video reference below).

Enjoy the table flipping craziness (table flip comes near the end of the video.... and I apologize for the poor quality)

And words of advise from Countess Luann - Money can't buy you class:

Anyone else feel awkward watching this.... ugh.

Jersey Shore - Snookie gets punched in the face

Ok, before people freak out and say I'm cruel for this being on my list.. .it wasn't a "favourite" moment, but definitely memorable.  I often wonder about what that guy tells people about why he punched her.  Seriously.  I realize that drunk Snookie is annoying sometimes, and I hate people whinning in my ear, but he PUNCHED her in the face.  Ridiculous.  Of all of the people on that show... you punch Snookie?  Way to go, idiot.

Ellen - Dennis Quaid goes to Starbucks

Ok - Ellen is not "technically" a reality show... but, given that this clip is a bit like punked, I had to include it.  I was laughing from the moment he said "Dennis Quaid is here!"  But people didn't really seem to think it was out of the ordinary... I guess they figured "typical celebrity".

And on that note, I'll end the "throw back Thursday" post.... I could go on forever.  

I may continue the Throw Back Thursday tradition next week... have any comments?  Share them here! 

And don't forget our contest in the post below.  Contest closes on Wednesday. 


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