So... Where are the Reality TV Posts?

I know, something's been missing for the last couple weeks from this blog.  Ever since Big Brother Canada ended, I haven't blogged about anything Reality TV related.  Don't kid yourself, it's not because I'm not watching any Reality TV.  (Anyone that TRULY knows me would know that would never be the case)  And I did briefly consider doing a Bachelorette recap, because I have been watching.  But, I've fully expected that I will be recapping Big Brother when it makes it's premier at the end of June... and that takes a good chunk of time.  That show airs 3 times a week!  So I'm holding out for that.

Does that mean I will have no content?  No.  Of course not!  I can't keep my thoughts to myself!  But just not regular recap posts about the Bachelorette, Catfish, or other reality show.  But I will post the occasional commentary.  I've also been reading some of the feedback I've been getting, and apparently people want things other than Reality TV (whhhaaaattt???!!!)  So, seeing that I am a wonderfully nice person, I will accommodate.

So for today, you have to deal with this boring post.  More exciting content to come. 

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