Big Brother Canada May 4, May 7 and the Finale May 8

Ok, so bear with me as this "recap" may be more rambling than actual recap as I am definitely an "overtired mama" today... seriously Big Brother?  A finale until 12 PM Atlantic?  Brutal.  I prefer to be sleeping by 10 (note that the 21 year old version of me would be horrified to hear that... 10 PM is when the night got started...)

I decided to group these episodes together... mostly because I'm tired and lazy... also, I discovered that the recap I wrote for May 4 was "saved" but I didn't "publish it" so I will cut and paste in to this recap.

So, to recap, Sabrina won HOH... much to the horror of the other 3 houseguests.  She screams obnoxiously for what feels like 20 minutes.  When she gets to her HOH room, we're reminded that Sabrina gave up real food for a week to see her loved one... so there is no booze and no treats in her basket.  Jon can't believe it.  "What a waste of an HOH", he says.

Big Brother held the "Big Brother awards" which is essentially a way for producers to show some recaps of the season in a less boring way than Survivor does it. (Note to Survivor producers: I hate the episode where the Castaways "reflect" on people already voted off... boring)  A couple of highlights... Best look? Naked Arlie (ew).  Best dance?  Jon and Allison (agreed), Best cry? Sabrina (Duh... no one else cried as much as her).  Best moment?  Kenny telling Sarah he's gay (love it).

Ultimately, Sabrina nominates Heather an Jon, indicating that Jon is her target. 

On to the POV - A sort of Board Game.  Fun!  Jon ultimately wins.  He goes to talk to Heather and tells her that her fate is sealed, she's heading home.  She's upset.  So am I.. I like Heather, but I think we all knew that Jon wouldn't send Neda home.

So Heather is evicted, and the houseguests find out that Canada is the 7th Jury member.  They record cheezy messages as to why Canada should vote for them.

So now, the 3 part HOH competition.  Part 1 - sinking boat... they have to keep their water levels low to keep their boat from sinking.  This challenge is pretty physically demanding.  Neda is the first one out.  Sabrina and Jon battle it out for over 2 hours.... but ultimately, Jon wins.  Sabrina is upset.  Hard to lose such a physically challenging competition after hanging in for so long.

Part 2 - Neda wins

Part 3 - Question challenge.... between Neda and Jon.... and they ask for questions to be repeated a few times... good stalling technique.  And Jon wins!

At this point in the game, even if you've played a pretty "clean game" this is usually when you have to break your word to somebody... such is the case for Jon.  He has a final 2 deal with Neda and Sabrina.  And this, for me, was the shocker of the season.  Jon evicts NEDA!  He decides to go to final 2 with Sabrina.  This was a smart move on his part.  Not only do I think he has a better chance against Sabrina.... he's doing what Neda would have done to him had she won that competition, and she confirms as much with Arisa after her eviction.

Jury members get a chance to ask their questions of the final two.  You can tell some are bitter, most of all, Neda, who asks Jon what moves did he make in the game that were his own and not "someone else's".    And when she casts her vote, she says she's voting for the person that played "the best/my game".  Burn!

But ultimately.... Jon wins!  

Fantastic season.  But now... what am I to do with all my spare time.  :)


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