Big Brother Canada - May 1

Picking up where we left off last episode.  Everyone's "sacrifice" for seeing their family members are coming in to effect.  Not all sacrifices are created equal.  Take for example, Heather's sacrifice - No access to HOH for 24 hours (or however long it was, I can't remember).  Jon's in solitary confinement there, so, technically no one has access to the HOH.  No big sacrifice there.  Neda - No access to personal belongings for... some period of time.  Yeah, not being able to get your clothes isn't great, but is it awful?  Not really.  Although we have to see her "struggle" through using an iron as a hair straightener.  Remember the 70's ....ok, Neda's to young to remember the 70's... and so am I... but people used to straighten there hair that way all the time.
Anyway, then the rest of the sacrifices:
- Sabrina - no food for a week - yeah, that's a challenge
- Jon - Solitary confinement for 24 hours - I would likely sleep the whole time.... but I think the biggest disadvantage to this punishment is that you miss out on game talk.
- Adel - No sleep for 36 hours.  This, to me, is the hardest one.  I struggle through the day if I am up an hour later than usual.  Nevermind if I had NO SLEEP.  And I will just add... those doll heads he was playing with were super creepy.

We see some clips of Adel and Sabrina's interactions.  Their relationship reminds me of one I had in grade 4 with a boy in my class.  He would pull my hair and twist my arm.  My mom told me he did this because he liked me.

Then, we have Sabrina's "campaigning".  Wow, she is really bad at this.  Aggressive campaigning and threatening not to vote for someone in the end is a terrible strategy.  I'm glad that Heather and Neda both say that they don't like the strategy... but I agree with Neda, they will likely keep Sabrina around for reasons other than her campaigning.

Jon and Neda also have come to the realization that they need to break their alliance.  To see them struggle with that decision shows what a genuine friendship they have.

We did get a brief glimpse of the Jury house as Rachelle showed the video of Adel's nomination ceremony.  Figures that Arlie would find Adel's cruel words hilarious.  But, I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Adel didn't make any friends doing that.

Down to the vote - and Adel is sent packing.  I think we all had a feeling that was coming, but this also means we will be subjected to more of Sabrina's campaigning.  Boo.

HOH Competition is a series of "before or after" questions, but it is "too be continued".  When we left the competition, Sabrina and Neda were tied with the most points...

Tune in Sunday to see who the winner is.

And Arisa informed us that the feeds will go down on Sunday... which also means no more spoilers... what will I do when I have to wait for the show to actually air to know what happened!  :)


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