Big Brother Canada - April 30

We open up on the "fall-out" from nominations.

Jon and Neda's plan is to tell Heather she is a "pawn" but actually send her home. 
After the ceremony, Heather leaves, pretty upset.  Jon doesn't understand why Heather is so mad, but Neda takes the opportunity to sympathize with Heather in hopes of winning her Jury vote.  I get why Heather is mad.  Even if she believes she was nominated as a pawn, generally they have been letting people know they are being nominated... as a courtesy.  But Jon didn't do that.  Only now are people starting to notice that Heather is a competitor.  Really, Heather has had to fight hard this whole game as an "underdog" with no strong alliance to back her up. Unfortunately for Jon, if he was in the final 2, this experience with Heather could make her vote for someone else over him as it can leave her with a bad taste in her mouth.

On to the POV, you have to get in a sort of "wind tunnel box" and gather up letters to form a sentence.  The Houseguest who does this the fastest, wins POV.  There are also bags hanging from the top of the box that contain money amounts, you can choose to go for that as well.  I have to admit, this challenge looks fun! 

Neda decides she wants to "go for the money".  Here's the thing.... if you want to get rid of Heather this week, shouldn't you be working to make sure she doesn't win?  Or is this another case of the "Heather's not a big threat" mentality. 

Sabrina also decides to "go for the money".  This decision is even more stupid than Neda's decision as  Sabrina is ACTUALLY ON THE BLOCK!  Play the game, girl!

When the challenge concludes, we learn there is another "Twistos Twist" (Twistos is certainly getting bang for their buck with their sponsorship $).  For those that chose to grab some money, only the houseguest who grabbed their money in the quickest amount of time wins theirs... and the winner is ... Neda.  Neda wins $3000.  But the big winner is Heather because she wins POV.  Adel does the classic "beauty queen clap" (fake smile + clapping+ thinking "damn").

Adel decides he will try to convince Jon to nominate Neda instead of him.  So apparently Adel is oblivious to how close Jon and Neda are?  Although, unbeknownst to Jon, Neda is prepared to ditch him in the end.

On to a "reward challenge", the hosueguests have to decide what they are willing to give up in order to spend 2 minutes with a loved one.  This is one of the most heart warming challenges I've ever seen on Big Brother.  It's hard to make a houseguest look unlikeable during this sequence.  I especially loved watching Heather and her boyfriend.  Such a cute little couple.  I also liked seeing Jon and his dad.  He looked like an excited 8 year old boy while he talked to his dad.  Although I was hoping his dad would say "keep your hands out of your pants".  haha.

Back to the serious stuff.  Heather uses the POV on herself and Adel is nominated in her place.  We find out tonight who is going home.


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