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So... Where are the Reality TV Posts?

I know, something's been missing for the last couple weeks from this blog.  Ever since Big Brother Canada ended, I haven't blogged about anything Reality TV related.  Don't kid yourself, it's not because I'm not watching any Reality TV.  (Anyone that TRULY knows me would know that would never be the case)  And I did briefly consider doing a Bachelorette recap, because I have been watching.  But, I've fully expected that I will be recapping Big Brother when it makes it's premier at the end of June... and that takes a good chunk of time.  That show airs 3 times a week!  So I'm holding out for that. Does that mean I will have no content?  No.  Of course not!  I can't keep my thoughts to myself!  But just not regular recap posts about the Bachelorette, Catfish, or other reality show.  But I will post the occasional commentary.  I've also been reading some of the feedback I've been getting, and apparently people want things other than Reality TV

I love contests!

So this is a "semi-serious" post.  Semi because it's fun.  Serious because I'm serious about contests. Before I share this contest, I will share a "real life experience" I had last night (see ... I'm reading the feedback from the surveys!).  I participated in my very first "Twitter Party".  What's a Twitter party you ask?  It's usually associated with a hashtag and/or a specific Twitter account.  In this case it was #LeonsSuperSale (sidenote - yes, Leons is having a "Super Sale" this weekend).  So the host asks questions and you answer and winners are picked for some awesome prizes.  Pretty cool right.  I have to say it was a lot of fun, although Twitter moves so quickly it was hard for me to keep up, but I'm learning (yay me!).  I highly recommend participating in one if you are on Twitter (that's kind of essential).  I will share any I hear about that are upcoming. Anyway, on to the latest contest.  I will start

Throwback Thursday

Alright, I'm going to jump on the "Throwback Thursday" (or #TBT for all you Tweeters) bandwagon.   Wait!  Before you quickly flip away from this page because you don't want to see pictures of me and my friends in high school, or baby pictures... it's not that kind of post.  As much as I want to look at pictures of me looking younger and perkier (I don't want to... at all)... MY "throw back Thursday" will be a throwback to some of my favourite reality TV moments.  Keep in mind I can barely remember what I did yesterday, let alone what I was watching on TV 10 years ago.... and as much as I watch TV, I haven't seen EVERY reality TV show, so there's a chance that I may miss your favourite.  So you're welcome to complain about my list..... but just remember this disclaimer when you're writing your complaints.  One other disclaimer, I am linking to YouTube videos.  At the time I am loading them, they are working... but who knows... YouTub

Some changes are coming...

I've decided to make a few changes to this blog.  It's looked the same since I began my blog, and I think it needs a "fresh look".  So I'm going to be making some changes over the next few weeks. In the meantime, I'd like to find out more about those who check out the blog and what you would like to see.  Please take a few minutes and complete the survey in the link below.   Don't worry it's not just doing a survey "for nothing".... if you complete the survey, you can be entered in a draw for a "fabulous prize".  The prize is a $15 gift certificate to one of the following coffee shops (your choice): Java Moose, Tim Hortons, Second Cup or Starbucks.  I will also make a donation to the charity of your choice. Contest closes Wednesday, June 4 at 12:00 PM Atlantic. Good luck!

Big Brother Canada May 4, May 7 and the Finale May 8

Ok, so bear with me as this "recap" may be more rambling than actual recap as I am definitely an "overtired mama" today... seriously Big Brother?  A finale until 12 PM Atlantic?  Brutal.  I prefer to be sleeping by 10 (note that the 21 year old version of me would be horrified to hear that... 10 PM is when the night got started...) I decided to group these episodes together... mostly because I'm tired and lazy... also, I discovered that the recap I wrote for May 4 was "saved" but I didn't "publish it" so I will cut and paste in to this recap. So, to recap, Sabrina won HOH... much to the horror of the other 3 houseguests.  She screams obnoxiously for what feels like 20 minutes.  When she gets to her HOH room, we're reminded that Sabrina gave up real food for a week to see her loved one... so there is no booze and no treats in her basket.  Jon can't believe it.  "What a waste of an HOH", he says. Big Brother held the

Big Brother Canada - May 1

Picking up where we left off last episode.  Everyone's "sacrifice" for seeing their family members are coming in to effect.  Not all sacrifices are created equal.  Take for example, Heather's sacrifice - No access to HOH for 24 hours (or however long it was, I can't remember).  Jon's in solitary confinement there, so, technically no one has access to the HOH.  No big sacrifice there.  Neda - No access to personal belongings for... some period of time.  Yeah, not being able to get your clothes isn't great, but is it awful?  Not really.  Although we have to see her "struggle" through using an iron as a hair straightener.  Remember the 70's ....ok, Neda's to young to remember the 70's... and so am I... but people used to straighten there hair that way all the time. Anyway, then the rest of the sacrifices: - Sabrina - no food for a week - yeah, that's a challenge - Jon - Solitary confinement for 24 hours - I would likely sleep the

Big Brother Canada - April 30

We open up on the "fall-out" from nominations. Jon and Neda's plan is to tell Heather she is a "pawn" but actually send her home.  After the ceremony, Heather leaves, pretty upset.  Jon doesn't understand why Heather is so mad, but Neda takes the opportunity to sympathize with Heather in hopes of winning her Jury vote.  I get why Heather is mad.  Even if she believes she was nominated as a pawn, generally they have been letting people know they are being nominated... as a courtesy.  But Jon didn't do that.  Only now are people starting to notice that Heather is a competitor.  Really, Heather has had to fight hard this whole game as an "underdog" with no strong alliance to back her up. Unfortunately for Jon, if he was in the final 2, this experience with Heather could make her vote for someone else over him as it can leave her with a bad taste in her mouth. On to the POV, you have to get in a sort of "wind tunnel box" and gather u