Big Brother Canada - April 9

So we begin tonight with the "fallout" from the nomination ceremony. 

Allison "exposes" the "First 5" alliance.  Brilliant.

At one point we see Sabrina talk about Allison working against "her side" of the house... and the people Andrew was loyal to.  Here's the thing.  Allison is nominated against Kenny, and Andrew was loyal to both of them.  So of course she has to work "against" Kenny... how else would she stay in the house?

We also got to see the houseguests unwind a little bit with a hot tub dance party.  I will admit that party looked pretty fun and I wished I was there.  I also enjoyed that you could here a couple people yell "this is awesome!"

Now, the POV.  The Challenge is a "gold dig" challenge... looking for letters.  You have to spell the longest word possible.  For whatever reason, Sabrina and Rachelle seemed confused by this.  Then, we can cue the multiple jokes about whether Heather is able to spell, etc, etc.  Am I missing something?  Why does everyone hate Heather so much?  I don't get it.  I haven't seen her do anything really bad.  But, I digress. 

In the end, Kenny and Heather have words with the same amount of letters, but Heather's is misspelled.  Sabrina seems to enjoy that a little too much.  Although, until Jon pointed out that it was misspelled, nobody else seemed to notice, so either none of the houseguests are very perceptive, or they are all equally bad spellers.  So Kenny wins POV.

Big Brother then puts a potted plant in the house.  Everyone proceeds to look over the plant pretty carefully.  Allison evidently pays the most attention and examines the closest, because she finds a clue and proceeds on a bit of a "Scavenger Hunt" which leads her to the "war room" and .... the secret power of veto.  She can use it anytime over the next 3 eviction ceremonies.  Exciting. 

We then see a bit of a crumbling in the first 5 alliance.  Arlie goes to Kenny to try to convince him that if "someone" flips, it must be Sabrina.  Kenny's not buying it, so he goes and reports back to the others.  Arlie awkwardly shows up and they all passive aggressively discuss how stupid it would be for "someone" to flip at this point.  Arlie says in the diary room that he "created the other side to fight this side".  Um, he did?  Because I don't remember any of that.

On to the POV ceremony.  I'm really glad that Allison wasn't forced to make a speech, because we all knew that Kenny was going to use it.  Allison also decides not to use her POV at this point.  Sarah is put up as replacement.

Tonight's episode should be exciting... a double eviction!


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