Big Brother Canada - April 3

I have a confession.  I didn't find tonight's episode particularly interesting.  I know, right?  Usually when you know a disliked player is out of the game, it's pretty exciting... but this was just kind of ... meh.  Just me?

Anyway, let's get down to it. 

Canada decides to "reward" the houseguests with a camp out.  And what's a camping trip without booze?  So we see a brief clip of some silly antics. And the housguests get overly excited about a digital camera and start taking a lot of pictures.

Kenny flirts a bit with Rachelle to try to get some information out of her.  I'm pretty sure that's the most I've seen her talk this season.  She says that Arlie is "a nothing to her".  Nice.  Following the "flirtation", Kenny decides to confess to Sarah that he's gay.  The genuine look of surprise on her face was awesome.  She doesn't understand why he would have kept that from everyone, but he explains his "strategy".  She later speculates that this confession could hurt him rather than help because he was such a good liar.  I maintain that he didn't need to pretend to be straight to flirt with girls.  Girls flirt with gay guys all the time.

Then we get a brief (very brief) look at the "Newfie families".  The Pardy (Jon's) family hosts Kenny and Allison's families and it looks like a pretty fun kitchen party.  Singing, dancing and good times.  We see Jon's girlfriend who says she and Neda would be "great friends".  That's girlfriend speak for "I'm jealous of her, but I don't want Canada thinking I'm a jealous *B*".  Side note - Kenny's mom is a pretty lady.  And finally... Allison's family got ripped off... not much in the way of footage of them.

Then - on to the vote.  No surprise - Andrew is voted out, with his only votes to stay coming from Allison (who is wearing the shortest skirt I've ever seen) and Kenny.  My favourite "vote casting" was from Adel who "picked his nose" as he voted (tribute to Andrew).  I'm pretty sure this is what we all expected when we saw who was nominated.

Then we have the challenge.  HGs have to answer  a series of questions.  If you get it right, you pick someone to knock out of the game.  If you're wrong, you're out.  These challenges are great, because it sort of "shows your hand" to the other houseguests.  Kind of hard to tell someone you were "hoping they would win the challenge" if you knock them out.  We only get so far and Arisa "shuts it down".  So it's "to be continued"(although, if you're like me and can't wait, you can read who won on any of the spoiler sites).  


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