Big Brother Canada - April 24

I'm going to start off by saying THIS "overtired mama" is going to stay overtired if Big Brother Canada doesn't throw me a bone next season by helping us east coasters out... have at least one show a week that starts at 8 PM eastern.  That's 9 PM Atlantic..... because when the show ends at 11 PM... I'm done.  Exhausted.  Anyway, there's my "rant of the day".  Just kidding... that won't be my last rant today.  I'm a complainer.

Recap of last night...

Heather, Neda and Adel decide to hide on Jon when he goes to the Diary room.  He kind of freaks out when he can't find them.  Pretty funny.

Heather and Neda talk strategy.  Jon would be hard to beat in the end... for both of them.  But as they chat, I find it hard to believe that Neda would ever vote Jon out.  Not that I want her to, I really like Jon, but if I was Neda, I would be thinking it would be hard to beat him in the end.  If she wants to make a big move, she has to get him out.  But I don't see it happening.  And that makes me happy, I like Jon.

 We got to see a little peak at the Jury house.  Very nice.  However, then we have to endure various shots of Arlie in the nude.  Ugh, I was hoping that we wouldn't be subjected to that site again once he was sent there.

Jon receives his "treats" for winning the reward competition... and bitter Neda is not happy to miss out and have to eat slop. 

Next we get to see a montage of Adel and Sabrina fighting, including a rehashing of the "sugar incident" where she said Adel "ripped the sugar from her hands".  (But, in fact, we see in the replay that he took it off the counter).

Leading up to the vote, we see Sabrina pleading to be kept... including a chat she has with Jon where he muses about "throwing the HOH".  I never get that.  Unless you're playing with no one else (ie - no alliance), who cares if you can't compete the following week!  Assuming you have a good Alliance, shouldn't it be good enough that your fellow alliance members will be able to compete?  Throwing an HOH competition is stupid.

The vote - Rachelle is unanimously voted out.  I will say, I didn't really like her as a player, but she deserves some kind of reward for dealing with Sabrina's crying all the time.

I see Neda took Emmett and Jillian's advice and recorded a nice goodbye message for Rachelle.

On to HOH - They have to untangle themselves through an obstacle course (does that make sense?).  Anyway, this is a "to be continued" result.  Unless you can't wait, in which case, look up some spoilers to see who won.... like I did.  :)


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