Big Brother Canada - April 23

At the end of the previous episode, Adel said that his nasty speech, when he nominated the Gremlins, was part of his strategy.  He elaborated during this episode.... he said that he wants the other houseguests to consider taking him to the end because they will assume that he wouldn't have the votes because everyone hates him.  He thinks he can talk himself out of those speeches.  Maybe... but given how angry the Gremlins are... it would have to be some pretty sweet "sweet talk".  Has Adel forgotten about Paul?  Remember the horrible things he said about Andrew?  How did that work out for him?  Yeah....

Next up - POV.  Peter Brown (BB1) is hosting the competition.... he reads "postcards from evicted houseguests".  The current houseguests have to figure out who the post card is from and find giant puzzle pieces to assemble the postcard.  When the challenge begins, everyone is gangbusters.... and the Gremlins are shocked at how well Heather is doing.  I'm really not liking all of the Heather bashing that's been happening this season.  The other houseguests underestimate her.  Neda wins POV, and along with the POV, wins a special visit from Jillian and Emmett form Season 1.  They talk strategy with her.  Personally, I'm not convinced Neda can win.  She's made some enemies, and has a few likeable houseguests left there with her that she's aligned with.  Jillian points out that you need to be nice in your "goodbye messages" as these are the people who will be voting for the winner.  I shouted "Duh!" out loud, but apparently this is something Neda hadn't considered.  And we know that given the speech she gave when she nominated Allison, and the nasty goodbye message for Arlie.  I think she has her work cut out for her.

The Houseguests get a visit from the Easter Bunny.  Neda is "morally opposed" to the Easter Bunny and wants to know why parents would lie to their kids.  Um... has she not heard of Santa?  The tooth fairy?  Is she morally opposed to those things too?  Although, they are different, because they're real... right?   RIGHT?

Anyway, POV ceremony - it's no surprise that Neda doesn't use the Veto.  I'm just happy she didn't make them each make a ridiculous speech.

Eviction night tonight!  Which Gremlin is headed for the door?


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