Big Brother Canada - April 20

Yes, I'm a day late with this recap.  But, better late than never, right?

So we find out that once Neda won HOH, she was sequestered in the War Room and told she would be part of an "instant eviction".  She had 5 minutes to decide who to nominate.  With Neda's absence, the other houseguests were freaking out about what it could all mean.  Eventually, Arisa brings them in on the secret.  Neda nominates Sabrina and Allison.  Everyone has to vote immediately.  No surprise, Allison goes home.  Good luck getting Allison's vote in the end Neda.  Breaking promises never bodes well.  When you make a final 4 deal with a jury member, you better have a pretty good excuse to break it.

On to the next HOH.  Adel wins.  He almost immediately tells Sabrina that he is nominating Sabrina and Rachelle.  I don't think anyone was surprised by that.  But certainly, Rachelle and Sabrina are regretting keeping Adel over Arlie. 

There's a little "interlude" of fun stuff when Rachelle says that Big Brother has allowed them to have a Passover meal together.  Everyone enjoys themselves.

I'm not going to get in to the various crying escapades of Sabrina, because we've all seen it before.  She does decide to hang her jury vote over everyone's head, but no one bites the bait.

In the end, Adel sticks to his assertion and nominates "the Gremlins" although in the process says some pretty mean things about the girls.  He says it's part of his "strategy".  Well, if his strategy is to not have those girls vote for him to win.... mission accomplished.


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