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Big Brother Canada - April 2

I could have called this episode "I feel sorry for Andrew... wait... no I don't".  And you will soon find out why.

We begin the episode with the "fall out" from Canada's nominations.  Sabrina is sad and Andrew is sad.  At first I think - I feel bad for Andrew and Sabrina.  It would be awful to be nominated by "Canada" and to think that, obviously, you are the most disliked in the house.  Andrew actually has a little cry over it.  And at that point, I am feeling bad for him.

Then, while the houseguests are out in the yard, we see that Sabrina believes she was nominated because they want to break up her alliance and proceeds to ask everyone if they think she's a "B".  Sarah says no, and then we see a clip of her in the diary room saying she deserves an Academy Award for her performance.  If you are a horrible person... and you ask people, during a game where they could potentially be relying on your vote to win, if you are a horrible person... don't expect an honest answer.

Then, Canada has issued a challenge to Sarah.  Apparently we all think that the houseguests are disgusting.... I won't disagree with that.... so she is the manners police... and needs to issue tickets to anyone doing anything disgusting or rude.

So we get a montage of various houseguests swearing, burping, "grabbing their junk", picking their nose and mooning people.

In the end we find out that the top 3 "ticket receivers" are Arlie (for taking his clothes off so often), Jon (for "grabbing his junk" too much) and Andrew (for picking his nose).  They are then asked to go to the HOH room and apologize to Canada.  The apologies are pretty comical.  Especially Jon's.

Now it's time for the POV.  Sabrina and Andrew automatically compete.  Then the others are chosen by random draw.  Jon is chosen, Heather is chosen, Neda is chosen, and then Heather draws the "Houseguests choice".  Andrew hisses in her ear that she needs to pick Kenny.  She chooses....  Adel.  Andrew is ticked.  He decides he's going to confront her (well there's a way to get votes).  He calls her a number of nasty names.  His position is that she was obligated to choose who HE wanted to have compete in the HOH as he needs someone who would take him off the block.  As Heather pointed out, she's playing for herself... not him or anyone else.  She has no obligation to choose as he tells her to.  But he decides to bash her anyway.  And my sympathy for him flies out the window.

Jon wins POV.

Sabrina cries.  But at this point, do any of us care when she cries?  Not to sound heartless, but we've so many of her tears, I think we must all be immune to it by now.

Allison is also sad, she doesn't want to see Andrew go.  I personally think it would be better for her game if he goes, and maybe she can become the houseguest we were all hoping she would be.

So, we'll find out tonight who is going home. 


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