Big Brother Canada - April 16

Let me start off by saying, this is one of the only episodes I didn't "live tweet", which means I have to write this recap completely based on my memory... and that may not be a good thing.  But here goes...

Recap of the last episode - we are reminded that "the Gremlins" have been nominated.  Sabrina says repeatedly what a "stupid move" this was for Jon to make because they offered him "the best deal ever".  I'm not convinced it was a stupid move, but anyway...

We see that Arlie is totally pumped about his "alliance" with Jon and says he feels safe.  (spoiler alert - he's not safe).

Flash forward to Adel getting a challenge from "Marsha the Moose"  this challenge consists of : 1 - Getting someone to work out with him for 10 minutes; 2 - Getting one of the girls to go on a date with him; 3 - Make someone cry... Marsha says the last one won't be so hard because Sabrina's "probably crying right now".  So true Marsha, so true.  Little does Adel know that the other houseguests are being given a challenge as well.  Don't let Adel complete his challenge.  Oh Big Brother, you like to stir up drama.  So Adel tries so hard... he asks Jon to work out with him... Jon decides to string him along in to thinking he will work out, he doesn't.  He tries to make Sabrina cry... for once, she doesn't.  And finally, he asks each of the girls on a date.  This part of the challenge makes me sad.  He looks so hopeful as he asks them all, only to be shot down.  In particular, when he's asking Allison, he keeps asking her to "high 5" on it.  He looks like an excited kid every time he's close to "sealing the deal", but alas, it wasn't to be.   He's called to the diary room and told he failed.  He gets a little snarky with Marsha, and comes out to tell the houseguests he lost his challenge and that the house will be punished.  Then Jon reveals their challenge and that they've won a reward for the whole house.  A date night!  Date night consisted of fondue and alcohol!   How romantic!  So we have a segment of very happy houseguests... and one shot of someone (I couldn't see who) vomiting in the bathroom.  Fun!

Now on to the serious stuff.  POV competition.  The competition involves throwing tshirts in a suitcase. Jon wins POV, plus a vacation.  At the POV ceremony, he saves Rachelle and nominates Arlie.  THEN Allison uses her secret POV to save Sabrina and Jon nominates Adel.  Everyone is freaking out!!!  

We find out if the "backdoor Arlie" plan goes ahead, or if the house will flip.


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