Big Brother Canada - April 13

I will start this post with a little confession.  I didn't actually watch the entire episode last night.  In my defense, there was a children's birthday party at my house yesterday and I had a headache.  Reasonable, right?  Anyway, I did watch the first 20 minutes or so and I've been reading the spoilers... so hopefully what I reveal in this post is not beyond what's been revealed in the episode, but here we go.

So we pick back up with a recap of what happened last episode, and Arlie talks about what an awesome player he is.  All while SHOUTING!  I've had about enough of Arlie.

So when Kenny is evicted, Sabrina says "I'm here alone now."  Ouch to Rachelle.  I thought they were "best friends"? 

We are back to the HOH competition.  Rachelle says she wants to win so she can make a big move and get a major player out.  Who is she kidding?  She would wait for her instructions from other people.  I don't think she's made a move by herself at all during this game.

Jon wins HOH, everyone celebrates.... well, except Sabrina and Rachelle who have small smiles on their faces and give a slow clap.  Although Sabrina says she's relatively confident because she and Jon have a close relationship.  They do? 

Anyway, I can't comment on what they showed for the remainder of the episode, other than the two nominees are Rachelle and Sabrina... or as the "Sloppy Seconds" alliance calls them, "the Gremlins".  I don't think those nominees are a surprise to anyone. 

We'll find out Wednesday who wins the POV and if they use it!


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