Big Brother Canada - April 10

Double eviction night!

We start the episode with Sarah asking Arlie to save her from eviction.  He says he can't.  I have a hard time with this conversation because he doesn't take his toothbrush out of his mouth when he talks to her.  If I were her, I would have wanted to shove his toothbrush down his throat.  Am I the only one that is finding Arlie annoying?

Then on to Allison and Sabrina.  Allison tells Sabrina she's going to work with the other side, and I want to say "Well, duh" because if she's working with Kenny's side, she has to try to keep Sarah, and that wouldn't make sense.  But this really upsets Sabrina, who starts to cry, and cry to the point of gasping for air.  Really?  Come on now Sabrina.  You cry so much in this house that I'm pretty sure your tears mean nothing to anyone.  I was happy to see Allison say in her diary room session "It's not all about you Sabrina".  So true.  Although I will add that I watched this exchange on the live feeds, and Allison was upset by Sabrina's crying, and Allison was hurt by their exchange and cried when Sabrina left.  Sabrina proceeded directly outside and ripped Allison apart to Rachelle, no tears, just anger.  Another reason I don't trust her crying is sincere.

Neda decides she's going to "sabotage" Kenny by dumping out all of the condiments that Kenny uses to improve the taste of slop.

We get to see all of the houseguests relaxing in the back yard when Kenny decides to say "F*** it, I'm gay!"  Everyone freaks out and are excited.  Then Sabrina says "That's why you do hot yoga!"  And talks about how all of her friends are gay.  Awkward.

First eviction - Sarah and her cute dress are voted out of the house.  She and Kenny cry for a bit, and she leaves.  Bye bye Mumsie.

Next, Arisa drops the bombshell, double eviction.

HOH competition, and Neda wins!  I'm still not clear as to whether Arlie threw that or not, but anyway.  Neda nominates Sabrina and Rachelle.  At first, I was puzzled by the nominations, but then, I realize what she was doing.... she wants to backdoor Kenny. 

Sure enough, Veto competition, and Arlie shows the most gusto I've seen from him all game... and wins!  He uses the Veto on Rachelle, and Kenny is nominated.  Unsurprisingly, Kenny is voted out.  What was a surprise?  Rachelle voted to evict Sabrina.  I'm not really sure why.

Then they begin the next HOH, but it's a "too be continued competition"... so we don't know the winner... and by "we" I mean, people who haven't read the spoilers, which doesn't include me, because I do know who won.


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