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Big Brother Canada - April 24

I'm going to start off by saying THIS "overtired mama" is going to stay overtired if Big Brother Canada doesn't throw me a bone next season by helping us east coasters out... have at least one show a week that starts at 8 PM eastern.  That's 9 PM Atlantic..... because when the show ends at 11 PM... I'm done.  Exhausted.  Anyway, there's my "rant of the day".  Just kidding... that won't be my last rant today.  I'm a complainer. Recap of last night... Heather, Neda and Adel decide to hide on Jon when he goes to the Diary room.  He kind of freaks out when he can't find them.  Pretty funny. Heather and Neda talk strategy.  Jon would be hard to beat in the end... for both of them.  But as they chat, I find it hard to believe that Neda would ever vote Jon out.  Not that I want her to, I really like Jon, but if I was Neda, I would be thinking it would be hard to beat him in the end.  If she wants to make a big move, she has to get him

Big Brother Canada - April 23

At the end of the previous episode, Adel said that his nasty speech, when he nominated the Gremlins, was part of his strategy.  He elaborated during this episode.... he said that he wants the other houseguests to consider taking him to the end because they will assume that he wouldn't have the votes because everyone hates him.  He thinks he can talk himself out of those speeches.  Maybe... but given how angry the Gremlins are... it would have to be some pretty sweet "sweet talk".  Has Adel forgotten about Paul?  Remember the horrible things he said about Andrew?  How did that work out for him?  Yeah.... Next up - POV.  Peter Brown (BB1) is hosting the competition.... he reads "postcards from evicted houseguests".  The current houseguests have to figure out who the post card is from and find giant puzzle pieces to assemble the postcard.  When the challenge begins, everyone is gangbusters.... and the Gremlins are shocked at how well Heather is doing.  I'm re

Big Brother Canada - April 20

Yes, I'm a day late with this recap.  But, better late than never, right? So we find out that once Neda won HOH, she was sequestered in the War Room and told she would be part of an "instant eviction".  She had 5 minutes to decide who to nominate.  With Neda's absence, the other houseguests were freaking out about what it could all mean.  Eventually, Arisa brings them in on the secret.  Neda nominates Sabrina and Allison.  Everyone has to vote immediately.  No surprise, Allison goes home.  Good luck getting Allison's vote in the end Neda.  Breaking promises never bodes well.  When you make a final 4 deal with a jury member, you better have a pretty good excuse to break it. On to the next HOH.  Adel wins.  He almost immediately tells Sabrina that he is nominating Sabrina and Rachelle.  I don't think anyone was surprised by that.  But certainly, Rachelle and Sabrina are regretting keeping Adel over Arlie.  There's a little "interlude" of fun

Big Brother Canada - April 16

Let me start off by saying, this is one of the only episodes I didn't "live tweet", which means I have to write this recap completely based on my memory... and that may not be a good thing.  But here goes... Recap of the last episode - we are reminded that "the Gremlins" have been nominated.  Sabrina says repeatedly what a "stupid move" this was for Jon to make because they offered him "the best deal ever".  I'm not convinced it was a stupid move, but anyway... We see that Arlie is totally pumped about his "alliance" with Jon and says he feels safe.  (spoiler alert - he's not safe). Flash forward to Adel getting a challenge from "Marsha the Moose"  this challenge consists of : 1 - Getting someone to work out with him for 10 minutes; 2 - Getting one of the girls to go on a date with him; 3 - Make someone cry... Marsha says the last one won't be so hard because Sabrina's "probably crying right now&

Big Brother Canada - April 13

I will start this post with a little confession.  I didn't actually watch the entire episode last night.  In my defense, there was a children's birthday party at my house yesterday and I had a headache.  Reasonable, right?  Anyway, I did watch the first 20 minutes or so and I've been reading the spoilers... so hopefully what I reveal in this post is not beyond what's been revealed in the episode, but here we go. So we pick back up with a recap of what happened last episode, and Arlie talks about what an awesome player he is.  All while SHOUTING!  I've had about enough of Arlie. So when Kenny is evicted, Sabrina says "I'm here alone now."  Ouch to Rachelle.  I thought they were "best friends"?  We are back to the HOH competition.  Rachelle says she wants to win so she can make a big move and get a major player out.  Who is she kidding?  She would wait for her instructions from other people.  I don't think she's made a move by her

Big Brother Canada - April 10

Double eviction night! We start the episode with Sarah asking Arlie to save her from eviction.  He says he can't.  I have a hard time with this conversation because he doesn't take his toothbrush out of his mouth when he talks to her.  If I were her, I would have wanted to shove his toothbrush down his throat.  Am I the only one that is finding Arlie annoying? Then on to Allison and Sabrina.  Allison tells Sabrina she's going to work with the other side, and I want to say "Well, duh" because if she's working with Kenny's side, she has to try to keep Sarah, and that wouldn't make sense.  But this really upsets Sabrina, who starts to cry, and cry to the point of gasping for air.  Really?  Come on now Sabrina.  You cry so much in this house that I'm pretty sure your tears mean nothing to anyone.  I was happy to see Allison say in her diary room session "It's not all about you Sabrina".  So true.  Although I will add that I watched th

Big Brother Canada - April 9

So we begin tonight with the "fallout" from the nomination ceremony.  Allison "exposes" the "First 5" alliance.  Brilliant. At one point we see Sabrina talk about Allison working against "her side" of the house... and the people Andrew was loyal to.  Here's the thing.  Allison is nominated against Kenny, and Andrew was loyal to both of them.  So of course she has to work "against" Kenny... how else would she stay in the house? We also got to see the houseguests unwind a little bit with a hot tub dance party.  I will admit that party looked pretty fun and I wished I was there.  I also enjoyed that you could here a couple people yell "this is awesome!" Now, the POV.  The Challenge is a "gold dig" challenge... looking for letters.  You have to spell the longest word possible.  For whatever reason, Sabrina and Rachelle seemed confused by this.  Then, we can cue the multiple jokes about whether Heather is able

Big Brother Canada - April 6

First, let me start off by saying, this is the most I've posted on a regular basis on this blog, so... yay me!  Now back to Big Brother.... We pick up where we left off at the HOH challenge.  And, as I indicated last time, I think this challenge really shows you who is on which side of the house.  And despite what Arlie thinks... throwing the competition also shows what side he is on.... and Sarah knows it. In the end Heather wins HOH.  I look forward to watching Sabrina and Rachelle suck up to her, given how horrible they've been to her at this point.  She shows everyone her HOH room and Rachelle rolls her eyes and sits with a sour look on her face as Heather reads her letter from her boyfriend.  We also get a little clip from the diary room about how much she doesn't like that Heather won.  Well Rachelle, bitter is not a good look for you.  Suck it up, buttercup.   We also see Kenny say he doesn't understand why she's crying over the letter because she's

Big Brother Canada - April 3

I have a confession.  I didn't find tonight's episode particularly interesting.  I know, right?  Usually when you know a disliked player is out of the game, it's pretty exciting... but this was just kind of ... meh.  Just me? Anyway, let's get down to it.  Canada decides to "reward" the houseguests with a camp out.  And what's a camping trip without booze?  So we see a brief clip of some silly antics. And the housguests get overly excited about a digital camera and start taking a lot of pictures. Kenny flirts a bit with Rachelle to try to get some information out of her.  I'm pretty sure that's the most I've seen her talk this season.  She says that Arlie is "a nothing to her".  Nice.  Following the "flirtation", Kenny decides to confess to Sarah that he's gay.  The genuine look of surprise on her face was awesome.  She doesn't understand why he would have kept that from everyone, but he explains his "stra

Big Brother Canada - April 2

I could have called this episode "I feel sorry for Andrew... wait... no I don't".  And you will soon find out why. We begin the episode with the "fall out" from Canada's nominations.  Sabrina is sad and Andrew is sad.  At first I think - I feel bad for Andrew and Sabrina.  It would be awful to be nominated by "Canada" and to think that, obviously, you are the most disliked in the house.  Andrew actually has a little cry over it.  And at that point, I am feeling bad for him. Then, while the houseguests are out in the yard, we see that Sabrina believes she was nominated because they want to break up her alliance and proceeds to ask everyone if they think she's a "B".  Sarah says no, and then we see a clip of her in the diary room saying she deserves an Academy Award for her performance.  If you are a horrible person... and you ask people, during a game where they could potentially be relying on your vote to win, if you are a horribl