Big Brother - March 9th episode

Ok, so I'm posting this a little later than usual (ie - later than my previous two posts).  But the 10 PM Atlantic time start time is late for overtired mamas with little ones that like to wake up at 6 AM (PS- boo time change! .... also... Boo to the even later start time of Revenge, but that's another story).

Anyway, so we spend the first 5 minutes of the episode recaping what happened in the last episode.  So we get a first real look at the 3 people trying to be the final houseguest.  and, wait a second... there's no where to pee?  How does this work?  I demand to know the logistics!  Anyway, I also noticed the excitement of finding out that Allison is from St. John's, Nfld... I'm pretty sure people assume that means "party time"... and maybe it does.. I dunno.  I did laugh when Scott said "I'm from Saint John, New Brunswick!" and the other two said "OOOHHHH!" with equal enthusiasm... but I'm pretty sure they 1- don't know where that is and/or 2 - don't care.  But yay!  We're friends!

Then fast forward to the conversation between Heather and Andrew.  Heather says she thinks that Andrew stands a good chance to win HOH (spoiler alert), so she wants to suck up.  Which consists of her saying "do you think I'm pretty?"  *Gag*

Then we find out that Heather's a big gossip.  *shocker*... or not.

Now for the HOH competition... they're all dressed as farmers.... and Paul is dressed as a chicken..... although Kyle chooses to refer to the "rooster" in different terms. *sigh*

I only half listened to the instructions.  Something about getting lots of potatoes.  And the first two teams eliminated are going to be have nots.

When it comes time to dig for more potatoes... Arlie's "kick digging" was hilarious.  He looked like he was having some kind of seizure.  I recommend going to watch it if you have a chance to see a re-run.

Is it just me, or did it look like Rachelle and Kyle had the same amount of potatoes.... and he was struggling just as much as her?  What are those muscles for?

I feel like the rest of this competition is taking forever.  Side note - I love Jon and Kenny... still my faves so far.  But, unfortunately, Jon can't hang on anymore... so it's down to Andrew and Arlie..... but he looks like he is going to die, although he says it's part of the act, because he really doesn't want to win.  Spoiler alert - he doesn't win.  But as a side note - Arlie is the worst actor, but everyone's buying it.

So, we see the other 3 freaking out over the feeds.  Scott is freaking out over how "hot" these guys are.

Heather and Rachelle have a conversation.  Boring.  Plus, both of these girls are terrible actors.... especially Heather.  When a girl talks to you in a baby voice... unless it's their natural voice tone... they're being fake.

Andrew's HOH room.  Pictures, letter... usual.  Everyone's crying again.

And now that the mushy stuff is over... well actually, speaking of mushy... SLOP!  So they can eat slop and all the potatoes they want.  Heather sulks.  Really?  Potatoes are awesome.  Although, not raw like Neda is eating them.  Then they get to see their half room.  The girls proceed to be dramatic.

Then there's some discussion of the first five aliance - Sabrina, Kenny, Andrew, Arlie and Sarah.  And they discuss who to vote out.  "Vote your biggest threat out"... wow, great advice.

What happened to Paul?  Now he's crying about this game changing him and he doesn't like gossipy people  Seriously?  Hasn't Paul been gossiping?  Crying is his strategy?  Ugh.  He's saying Andrew is sexist and racist.  Are we trying to turn this in to BB15?  I'm glad that Ika is not buying in to this.

Back to HOH, more discussion about who to nominate.  Boring.

And now the other 3.  So, they look to be coming out from somewhere... where were they?  Anyway, who cares, they have alcohol!  So they are pumped.  PARTAY!

Nominations - Paul and Neda.

Neda cries.  Andrew says she's too social.
He says he nominated Paul because he's a hypocrite and slandered him.

Ceremony is over, everyone hugs Neda.  Paul launches in to a rant about how sexist and racist Andrew is.  Andrew is not my favourite, but terrible stuff. Everyone tells him to shut up.  Adel rubs his shoulders (why? I don't know).

That's all she wrote.



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