Big Brother - March 16

Let's jump right in tonight's show ... and let me start off by saying, I hate that Ika is HOH.  This girl is the worst.  She begins the show with her nastiness by making several rude comments about Allison's appearance and indicates she doesn't like her.  Then we see that Kenny is kind of freaking out because he's met Allison before, he's afraid he will be "outed" by her.  Heather is excited about the prospects of a new blond friend... blah blah.. we continue on with random comments about what people think about her.

Big Brother decides to give the Houseguests some booze to celebrate Allison's entry in to the house.   I always enjoy the booze related celebrations.  Everyone gets a little loopy and Kenny and Sabrina kiss.  Kenny says (in the diary room) that he realizes he's taking advantage of Sabrina's crush on him, but he'll do what he needs to because "it's part of the game".  This is a theme he will mention multiple times this episode.

Who wants to see Ika's HOH room???  I don't, but we have to.  She reads her letter, everyone cries, blah blah blah.  And, not to sound like an insensitive witch, but, are we going to be subjected to crying and dramatics with every letter?  I mean, I would be missing my family too, but we're not even half way through the game people... we still have a long way to go.

We have the "Have/Have not" competition.  The best part of this competition, which consists of houseguests stomping grapes, gathering the juice, making their way down a slippery slope and trying to fill a vat, is Paul sliding on his butt back and forth.  I have to say, I cringe when they have these slippery challenges, because I hate when people slip and hit their heads.  Much like Paul did in the beginning of this challenge, and like Heather did a few times.  In the end, Paul is slow and his team loses, which means Paul, Jon and Allison are on slop.  Welcome to the house Allison, enjoy your slop!

Then the Girls Alliance has a meeting to discuss nominee possibilities.  Ika talks about her plan to nominate a girl as a "pawn".  My thought was "terrible idea" and evidently Neda thought the same.  She tries to talk some sense in to Ika and convince her that the better idea is to nominate the stronger boys.  But, as she said earlier in the episode, Ika listens to no one but Ika and ignores Neda's suggestion.  Ika then wants someone to voluntarily go up on the block as a "pawn".  Um, has Ika never seen this show before?  No one wants to go on the block, pawn or not... because you never know.

A quick comedic clip of Paul "losing it" after being on slop for just a short period of time.  He threatens to eat some cake.  Yikes Paul, I dunno if you're gonna make it.

Now, the nomination ceremony.  Some random clips of people saying they think they are safe, including Heather who says "I'm feeling pretty safe. Ika's not going to put me up because I'm her girl.".  Famous last words... because guess what?  Heather is nominated, and so is Paul. 

Thoughts on the nominations?  POV results revealed on Wednesday's episode. :)


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