Big Brother Canada!!

So, as anyone who reads this blog would know, I am a huge reality TV fan.  I may or may not have been referred to as "obsessed" with reality TV.  ANYWAY, my favourite reality TV show is Big Brother.... so even better.... we have Big Brother CANADA.  The second season started last night, and here are my ramblings about last night's show:

We have the first group of houseguests to enter the house, and already I love Kenny.  He's the bearded model from Newfoundland. 

Sabrina... I feel like she could get annoying... but I'll reserve judgment on her, for now.

Arlie... I didn't like his intro video, I felt like it was trying too hard to be funny... but came off as annoying.  Just me?

Kyle.... I can't even...

John Pardy... clearly one of my favourites already.  Not just because he's a hockey player.  As a former Puckbunny... I have always had a weakness for hockey players, but that's not why I like him.... he seems like a good time guy.  But not over the top.

Anick...  She seems a little kooky... and I felt like she was trying to be the next Talla (Season 1), but not succeeding. Not really sure about her.

My other two faves were Rachelle... the yoga girl... and Paul... the dad/motivational speaker. 

As for the rest, none of them were particularly notable... at least in my book... and at least for the first episode.

Then came the HOH challenge.  How Canadian... standing on a block of ice for as long as you can.  I probably would have lasted exactly 0.0000000293 seconds.  I hate cold.

People gradually start stepping off their ice.  Then big brother provides temptation in the form of "coolers with prizes in them that 'could' help your game".  Heather gets down and wins $1000.  Lucky her!  Then Ika gets down... and has to wear her bikini for 48 hours. Womp womp (that was my attempt at the game show "you lost the prize" sound).

Paul negotiates with everyone left that he will give them immunity this week (i.e. - not nominate them) if they all get down.  Everyone agrees, and Paul wins HOH.

Then we find out the first "surprise" of the season.  Canada is going to choose the 15th houseguest from a group of 3 that will be living in the house, but in a separate room that the other houseguests don't know about.  The 3 house guests are:

-  Allison, a nurse from St John's, Nfld
- Nate, a sheet metal worker from Burnaby, BC - Side note - he describes himself and "fun, outgoing and gorgeous" on his bio.  We already have one guy in the house that thinks he's gorgeous, do we need two?
- Scott, a "medical secretary by day, event producer, make up artist and drag queen" by night from Saint John, NB, currently living in Halifax.  Side note - they misspelled Saint John (St. John) on the Slice website... and given that this is my hometown.. I know we don't like that... but I digress.

So I'm hoping that Scott is voted in... mostly because he's from Saint John... but also because his bio is funny.. I like his humour, although I do get the impression that he get to be a bit much with his "over-the-top-ness" (you like that word I just made up?).

Anyway, those are my ramblings on the first show.

And hey - the two of you who read this blog - what did you think about it?  Do you agree with my favourites?  Who do you want to vote in to the house?   So many questions, so few people reading this blog that will respond... but there you have it.  haha



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