Big Brother Canada - Night 2!

I will start this post by saying that my daughter has a cold and has been up continuously through the night all week, so I truly am an "overtired mama" today, and this will truly be my "ramblings".

So let's get on to my ramblings about last night's show:

So we start the show with Anick wanting to start a bit of a "love movement" after her nomination.  She does some "stuff" in the BB bedroom... I'm not familiar with any of this Reiki type stuff, so I really can't tell you what she's doing.  However, my favourite line was from Jon Pardy: "This is the first time I've heard of the Zen touchy thing". Love it.

Next, we get to see Paul's HOH room, complete with a letter from his wife.  There is crying.  Then after he reads the letter he says he's happy to hear everything's under control at home.  Look, I know it's very emotional being away from your family, but if on Day 2, things aren't under control at home... there's a problem.

Then, nominations.  I did laugh at the montage of Paul's "Godfather-type" moments.  In the end, he nominates Anick and Andrew.  Anyone else find it odd that there was no explanation given?  Don't they usually seize their 15 minutes of fame and do a big monologue about why they nominated people?

During the POV competition, which has to do with superheros unscrewing bolts and cutting through wire fences (huh?)... we see the true range of the special effects involved in BB Canada when they do a slow motion shot of Andrew winning the competition.  Ohh la la!

So then Anick continues her "love movement" and decides to have a relaxation circle with everyone.  So, I get it, not everyone is in to meditation, Reiki or things like that... however, laughing when someone is sharing something they love is pretty rude.  This is exactly what Ika does, and more than once.  There are a few other giggles from other houseguests, but this girl is laughing out loud.  I'm not liking her.

Now we have the most predictable POV ceremony ever.  Andrew uses the POV on himself, and, because she's annoying people, Ika goes up in his place.  She talks about how Paul will feel the "wrath of Ika".  Sounds nice, sweetie, but you have to win some competitions first in order for him to "feel your wrath", n'est-ce pas?

The vote.  Despite what people were saying online, I do think that Anick knew she was going to be evicted, although I do think she was shocked that it was 11-0.

Side note - Thanks to @hamsterwatch for letting people know that the 1-5 symbol that some of the houseguests did when they voted was a symbol for their alliance... the first five who went in the house.  I did not know this alliance existed.

So we meet the other 3 houseguests trying to win a spot in the house: Allison, Scott and .... the other guy.  Terrible, but I don't remember that guy's name... and by the sounds of it... we won't have to remember his name as it appears to be a race between Allison and Scott for a spot in the house.  These 3 houseguests will be living in a room together for a week.  They are able to watch the other houseguests, but can't hear what they're saying.  Interesting.

I have a theory that whoever is voted in to the house will automatically be targeted by the other houseguests, but I guess only time will tell.

Log on to to vote!

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