Big Brother Canada - March 30

So, for once, I didn't know what was going to happen in this episode, before it happened.  The live-feeds were down from Saturday until after the show last night.... so Canada's nominees remained a secret until then.

Let's pick up from where we left off - Houseguests found out that Canada was HOH.  Let the paranoia begin!! 

No one knows how they are portrayed on the show, so they're nervous.  True enough... but for those of us who watch the live feeds (or read the recaps of live feeds in my case), we get to know the houseguests a little better.  Take as an example, Sabrina - on the show last night, they show a couple of clips of her being nervous about being nominated, but on the live feeds, she remained relatively confident that she would not be nominated as she thought Allison, Andrew, and Kenny were more disliked than her.

Adel lets us in on him being a little depressed that Ika is no longer in the house, as she is his "blood sister".  I've read a lot of criticism about Adel's "sadness" online, people think he's "putting it on" to get Canada's sympathy.  Here are my thoughts: maybe he is putting it on a little thick, but there's no denying that he's virtually alone in this house, no real alliance, so, he probably is a little sad.  Isolation is not a good feeling.

Big Brother informs the houseguests that they will be sharing the HOH room.  They will each have 1 hour in the HOH room.  When Big Brother sounds the horn, they will have to sing Oh Canada.  Which they proceed to do.  Then we get to see "Canada's HOH room".  Here we see just about every stereotype going - plaid, beaver, maple donuts, maple syrup, there's talk of poutine...  How patriotic!  Then we get a little montage of Houseguests singing Oh Canada... and there's one thing that's for sure... this is not American Idol... these houseguests can't sing.

Arlie and Sabrina muse over who will be nominated, and Sabrina is seeking some validation from Arlie.  He says that he will tell her what she wants to here (ie - she's safe), but he's really hoping she's nominated.

On to the "Have/Have-not Challenge" which is called "Big Brother Prom".  Here we see that houseguests have been randomly broken in to groups:
Andrew, Sara & Heather
Allison, Kenny & Neda
Arlie, Sabrina & Rachelle
Jon & Adel
( I hope I got those right)

This challenge is like "dance charades"... one house guests acts out a "well-known dance" while their teammates have to guess what it is.  This is probably my favourite challenge so far. 

We learn that Andrew & Kenny dance à la "Magic Mike".  Rachelle is young (doesn't know "Vogue"), and Adel doesn't know how to do the Macarena. 

Ultimately, Jon and Adel end up on slop.  Andrew, Sara and Heather win a "post prom meal".

Jon is ticked.... but Neda calms him down.  I like these two.  If they can keep it together, I think they can go a long way.

So we get to the nominations and, no surprise, Andrew is nominated.  We come down to Rachelle and Sabrina.  Rachelle is very dramatic, complete with running mascara.  But in the end, we all saw it coming, Sabrina is nominated.

I didn't like the idea of Canada being HoH, but at least they got the nominations right.  Although, I will admit that I felt a split second of sympathy for the nominees as I'm sure it's not easy being nominated.  As Andrew put it... being the two that "Canada dislikes the most and want out of the house".


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