Big Brother Canada - March 27 (yes, I skipped March 26)

Yes, I'll open by saying, I skipped March 26.... I was tired, and I do this for free...

Anyway, on to the recap.

So we're seeing the friendship between Ika and Adel grow.  How unfortunate.  I like Adel, he seems like a nice person.  I hate to see him hitch his wagon to someone like Ika.

While Ika is talking to Adel in the bedroom, and Ika is making some horribly rude comments about Heather.  Heather comes in to give Ika a hug and say she's "sorry they have to be on the block against each other".  Heather is too nice for her own good.

Ika decides her new strategy is going to be running to Kenny and telling him what a good idea it would be to keep her in the game.  She thinks this strategy is great.  My thought was... isn't this what every person on the block does?  Goes to the strongest player/alliance in the game and makes an argument for them to stay?  Hardly a new strategy.  Kenny, however, says Ika is making some "good points".  He says Ika "isn't a stupid girl".  Well, if you fall for her lies, you are certainly a "stupid boy".

Then we have a lengthy discussion about Sabrina's "emotional game" complete with various clips of her crying to everyone in the house.  And basically, everyone has figured out that this is all an act.  Well, everyone except maybe Rachelle.

To save Sabrina's "emotions", Sara literally hides while she talks to Kenny so Sabrina doesn't get upset when she sees them talking.  Am I the only one that thought this seen was funny and ridiculous at the same time?

Heather decides she wants to make a pillow fort.  Fun!  So Ika and Adel join in on the fun.  Once the fort is made, Ika apologizes for making "personal attacks" on Heather.  Even if it wasn't sincere, I'm glad she said it.  These girls are so mean to Heather.

Then we get to hear from Rachelle... and this is probably the longest segment we've seen about her this season.  "I've gotten used to being a hot dog" (referring to her hotdog costume).  Great.  And that's it.

The houseguests are in the backyard and Big Brother drops balls on them.  *Insert every joke about balls here*.  The houseguests try to figure out what the significance is.  They all decide that it must have to do with counting how many are there.  Everyone gets their guess wrong..... except Ika.  So, Ika wins the opportunity to make a decision.... allow houseguests to receive letters from home, or take $5,000.

This challenge generated a lot of discussion online... and a lot of heat from the houseguests. 

Ika gets "Topaz-ed" (Season 1 reference) by Big Brother, and they air the footage of her making her decision.  She decides to verbalize her thoughts as she makes her decision.  As a side-note.... I did see on the live-feeds that Big Brother didn't tell her to talk out loud about her decision... she decided to to that herself.

Anyway, she does agonize over it a bit.  She makes some pretty harsh comments about some of the houseguests, including Heather (I guess the apology didn't really mean much), Andrew, Kenny, Sabrina and Sara - which really adds some "sting" to this blow.... she decides to take the money.  Andrew and Kenny are particularly angry.  Ultimately, Ika makes her decision because she believes choosing the letters isn't going to make a difference, and they will likely vote her out anyway.  I tend to agree.  And, despite what some of the houseguests say.... I don't believe ALL of them would have chosen the letters.  But by airing her comments in the house... it added salt to the wound.

In the end, Ika is voted out.  I don't think anyone's surprised about that.

They also reveal to the houseguests that Canada is HOH this week.  And I have to say, I hate when Canada is "part of the game".  Nobody has really made a big move in this game (except for maybe getting Kyle out), and now Canada gets their "hands dirty" instead of a houseguest.  I also always find that when Canada gets involved, people seem to get overly confident if Canada's decision benefits them.  I will be interested to see where this goes. 


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